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Housing Affordability and Health Leadership
Resource - Website/webpage
Brought to you by BARHII
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Measuring Housing Affordability: Assessing the 30 Percent of Income Standard
Brought to you by Joint Center for Housing Studies
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Program Evaluation Divison Working Paper Series
Resource - Report
Brought to you by US HUD
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Housing as a Determinant of COVID-19 Inequities
Resource - Journal Article
Brought to you by APHA
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Visualizing Well-Being: Humane Housing
Story - Original
Brought to you by Community Commons
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We Are Here: Mary Burke Rivers on Simple Math, Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, and More, Part 2
Story - Written
Brought to you by Community Commons
Published on 01/03/2019
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LOCUS Opportunity Zone Navigator
Tool - Data/mapping Tool
Brought to you by Smart Growth America
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Transforming Systems for Wellbeing and Equity
Resource - Guide/handbook
Published on 07/14/2020