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The Impact of Natural Disasters and Urban Sprawl

Wildfires have ravaged 245,000 acres in Northern California this month, killing 42 people and leveling 8,700 structures. The size of the fires and their massive toll shocked the state, as large fires typically occur in areas with small populations and cause limited damage. But this could be one of the costliest wildfires in the nation’s history, with damages expected to reach at least $6 billion. Read more

Who are Veterans?

Veterans are mostly older, White, male citizens with at least a high school education. But, who are veterans, really? Some are your grandfathers: 52.4 percent of male veterans are 65 years or older. Some are your mothers: the median age of female veterans is 51 years. Some are your coworkers: 72.4 percent of male veterans and 68.1 percent of female veterans ages 18 to 64 are employed. Some are students at the local college: 23.7 percent of male veterans and 33.8 percent of female veterans ages 18 to 34 are enrolled in school. All are celebrated on Veterans Day. Read more

Water First! Learning Communities

A push toward consuming more water and fewer sugar-sweetened beverages is the latest growing trend in public health interventions. But when access to clean and safe drinking water is not always easy – or readily available, a different approach is required. In the Southwest Native cultures, water is life and is highly respected through song, … Read more

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