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Spotlight Stories: Laramie County, Wyoming

The need for resiliency is not an unknown problem in the United States, but in Laramie County, it became clear that to build resiliency, housing stability for local youth had to be  first priority. After a Point-in-Time count was facilitated by those on the Strong Families action team of the Laramie County Community Partnership, the need was clear: there were too many homeless youth in Laramie County. The necessary resources to ensure safe and stable housing for youth were virtually non-existent. Read more

Spotlight Stories: Algoma, Wisconsin

For generations, Algoma students have graduated from high school and faced the decision to either leave Algoma and explore educational and job opportunities elsewhere, or to join the manufacturing labor force that has kept Algoma afloat for decades. Knowing that so much of the community’s legacy rests in the hands of its youth, Algoma leaders sought to pursue innovative strategies necessary to produce a culture shift. Read more

Spotlight Stories: Thunder Valley CDC

On one evening, community members began comparing Pine Ridge to other reservations – Why weren’t they advancing like others? Why did Pine Ridge lack so much in so many areas? During ceremony, these young people were called into action and propelled to look beyond the poverty that was so ingrained on the Reservation, and instead look into systemic changes that could shift the wellbeing of their people. Read more

Well Being Legacy Inaugural Gathering

At a pivotal moment in American history—amidst mounting challenges, gridlock, and deep despair among many—Well Being Legacy looks to places across the country where ordinary people routinely confront shared challenges and reach across differences to enrich their health and well-being as a whole community. Scroll through to see tweets from Thursday, July 19, 2018. Read more

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