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Vital Conditions for Community Wellbeing

Personal health and well-being rises and falls throughout our lives – as we develop, age, suffer trauma, injury or illness, and recover. Vital conditions, on the other hand, persist in our communities, across generations – strongly shaping the exposures, choices, opportunities and adversities that we experience throughout our lives. Read more

What We (Don’t) Talk About When We Talk About Wellbeing: Advice from the Greatest Generation

Community Commons is getting on board with wellbeing. We’re broadening our view to encompass all dimensions of wellbeing, recognizing that people need more than just physical health to live their best lives. (We look forward to sharing more when we launch the new Community Commons later this year.) Expansive and inclusive, wellbeing encompasses overall perceived quality of life, and integrates important dimensions including mental and emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing, belonging, social cohesion and civic health. Read more

Growing Well Connected Communities

More than two years ago, leaders across America’s Cooperative Extension System (CES) and National 4-H Council (4-H) began imagining how they could expand their collaborative efforts to amplify and accelerate a culture of health across the nation. They are building upon rich agency histories of youth and adult partnerships, translational science, expert volunteer programs, and … Read more

Primary Care Access Fuels Columbia Health Disparities

Columbia is touted as a city that brims with health care providers, thanks to the presence of a bustling medical school and residency program, as well as multiple hospitals and clinics. And yet, availability does not guarantee access — especially for the city’s low-income and black residents, whose lack of established primary care can contribute to worse health and shorter life expectancy. Read more

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