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Spotlight Stories: Allen County, Kansas

Allen County has experienced a century of decline in population, as well as economic and health conditions. People were reluctant to fill the few jobs available, in part because they simply did not want to live in Allen County. As a result, in the early 2000’s, local residents found themselves “chasing smokestacks” in futile efforts to recruit a factory to town. But, recruitment was unsuccessful and the situation became untenable: the hospital was deteriorating, community institutions were starting to fall apart, and the basic conditions that make a community livable were starting to disappear. Ultimately, a group of locals — ranging from healthcare providers to a domestic violence shelter — recognized that existing efforts were unsuccessful; a new approach was needed. Read more

The Holistic Homestead Brings Fresh, Organic Produce to Food Desert in the Mountains

The Holistic Homestead is a nonprofit based in Gilpin County, dedicated to improving health and wellness in the community through education, outreach, and advocacy. The Homestead actively address the lack of access to health care and food with educational campaigns in the schools and local papers, wellness clinics, and by launching a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in February of 2018.   Read more

Faith Community Health: Integrating Faith and Health for Improved Quality of Life

Baylor Scott & White Health’s Faith Community Health program has been documented to better identify, analyze the needs, manage, and serve chronically ill and vulnerable populations. By utilizing a collaboration of healthcare expertise, community resources, and ministry of presence, Faith Community Health provides an incredible way for communities to truly care for and improve the health of their members. Read more

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