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Since 1993, the Women’s Foundation has invested wisely in the success of women of all ages. The Women’s Foundation addresses issues affecting the economic well-being of women and their families throughout the region with the goal of eliminating barriers women face in achieving long-term economic self-sufficiency. Economically self-sufficient women will lead the nation’s next chapter of economic growth, and by investing in the success of women, we are investing in a stronger economy.

High impact change can only occur when communities and individuals are willing to work for it.  No other organization in Missouri or her neighboring states is taking a leadership role to connect the dots between philanthropy, research and economic policy on behalf of women and their families.

The Women’s Foundation will preserve its history of philanthropy by positively impacting systemic change through research and reasonable policy measures that support women and their families. Our philanthropy will support relevant research, policy solutions, and results that inform, align and advance the economic self-sufficiency of women.

As part of this strategy, the Women’s Foundation commissioned a research study on the status of women in Missouri with the University of Missouri.  The end result is a well-informed report that can be updated on the Community Commons Platform.  The findings will set the framework for a policy agenda to make meaningful change for women and their families in Missouri.

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