The Institute for People, Place, and Possibility

If you’ve read one of these blog posts, attended a webinar about Community Commons, submitted a support ticket, or opened the newsletter, you’ve interacted with our team at Institute for People, Place, and Possibility – or for short, IP3. Since the inception of Community Commons, there have been a handful of dedicated players working behind the scenes to provide and integrate data, tools, and stories that inspire change and improve communities. One of those integral partners, and co-founding organization, is IP3.

We are a non-profit social enterprise located in the heart of the midwest – Columbia, Missouri. Since 2010, IP3 has served as the go-to source for community and multi-sector partnerships needing access to reliable data, assessment-to-action tools, evaluation and measurement support, and connections to peers and critical resources.

With our many years of combined experience in data, technology, public health, community organizing, and more, we believe that the power to change the world comes from communities working together to create change. Our vision of community change works by breaking down walls and encouraging collaboration across sectors, because rooted in community change is the belief that everyone has a stake in the future of their community. It’s as simple – and as complex – as better communication, sharing, and collaboration.

Through working with thousands of organizations over the past ten years, we discovered that while every community and organizational change process is unique, a few commonalities always surface – assessment, measurement, and impact. The change model and supporting applications used by our team are simple, flexible, and transferable. Whether you’re building a movement, reaching for public health accreditation, or measuring the impact of interventions for a grant, our applications will support you through the process.

We provide the knowledge and know-how surrounding data and technology that you only get from having slogged through it. Our passion for helping community partnerships create real and lasting change is the foundation for not only all of the work we do at IP3, but also the work done as co-founders and stewards of