Data Viz of the Week: The Impact of the Public CHNA Tool

Community Commons has a free web-based Community Health Needs Assessment designed to assist hospitals and organizations in completing IRS requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act. The CHNA tool can also be used by anyone seeking to better understand the needs and assets of their community.

In this graphic we look at the impact the CHNA tool has had in the past year for Community Commons and its members.

CHNA 625

The CHNA report has inspired many custom versions. Each Channel on Community Commons has it’s own topic based report, such as an Economy Report and a Food Report, and several organizations that have Hubs on the Commons have reporting tools that anyone is welcome to use like the Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (CCNA) Tool and the Women’s Foundation Report.

Stay tuned for more graphics and information on the evolution of Community Commons: Measuring our Journey from Beta to 2.0 coming soon.


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