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One of four U.S. kids is already overweight or obese by age 2-5, with a higher rate among Latino kids (30%) than white kids (21%).

How can Latino kids achieve a healthy weight by kindergarten?

Breastfeeding has positive effects on children. Interventions or policies aimed at improving breastfeeding rates among Latina mothers may be critical to promoting healthy weight goals.

In addition to breastfeeding, research suggests that other factors that may also play a critical role in helping Latino kids achieve a healthy weight by kindergarten: mothers’ physical activity and healthy eating habits before and during pregnancy, formula marketing, maternity leave, and kids’ healthy eating and physical activity habits established during early childhood.

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Healthy Weight: What‘s New?

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SA! Change Maternal Mortality Rates Double in Texas

There is another reason why a healthy diet during pregnancy is critical to the future health of your children.
Credit: © Igor Mojzes / Fotolia


A new study, soon to be published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, has shown that the number of women in Texas dying from pregnancy complications have inexplicably doubled. The study’s authors don’t speculate as to what the causes for this startling trend are, but the trend seems isolated to the Lone Star State. One trend noted … Read more

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SA! Change Massachusetts Wellness Trust Aligns Health Care System with Prevention Efforts

MAss governor Wellness trust


An investment as little as $10 per person per year in evidenced-based, community prevention programs, such as those that increase physical activity and improve nutrition, could create health care savings of more than $16 billion annually within five years. In 2012, the Massachusetts (11.2% Latino) became the first state to use a wellness trust as … Read more

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SA! Change Breaking: New Sugar Guidelines For Kids

Sugar Statement - Infographic - 08.16.16

United States

Sugar consumption is a huge factor in the nation’s struggle with obesity, as many kids eat soda, snack foods and other foods with hidden added sugars on a daily basis. In fact, 74 % of Latinos have had a sugary drink by age 2 and about 22% of Latino high-school students have 3 or more … Read more

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SA! Resource Policy Intervention to Increase Physical Activity Among Early Childcare and Education Programs

ECE PA Active EArly

About 60% of kids under the age of 6 are placed in some form of non-parental care-early childcare and education (ECE)-during the work week. Thus, these settings are promising environments to provide obesity-prevention resources and establish physical activity habits early in childhood, particularly for Latino kids who are at greater risk for obesity-related health problems … Read more

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SA! Change YMCA is Teaching Skills that Save Lives to 18,000 Kids in Underserved Neighborhoods

YMCA swimming

United States

Lack of diversity in USA Swimming’s infrastructure became a hot topic in 2006, after Cullen Jones became the first African-American to hold a world record (4×100-meter freestyle relay) in swimming. Lack of diversity resurfaced this year at the Rio 2016 Olympics after Simone Manuel became the first ever African-American woman to win an individual Olympic Gold medal in swimming. A lack of minorities … Read more

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SA! Change The ACA and its Impact on Latinos

United States

The Affordable Care Act has provided health insurance to over 20 million people (including an estimated 4.2 million Latinos) since its inception four years ago. During that time, one of the main questions has been are the people who now have reliable health care coverage better off than before. Several new studies have been released … Read more

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SA! Resource Gardening Helps Mental and Physical Health


Growing your own food has grown in popularity over the last few years, according to the National Gardening Association who reveal in 2013 over 40 million households are active in some type of urban food gardening. Gardens help the mind and the heart with encouraging light-to- moderate physical activity with digging, planting, pulling and more. The mind can … Read more

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SA! Resource How Can Curiosity Entice Smarter & Healthier Choices?

Beautiful serious thinking young woman looking up on empty copy

How can curiosity help people make healthy choices? Researchers from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that when people’s curiosity was piqued, they were more enticed to take the healthier action required to find out missing information. Multiple experiments were tested using the same strategies websites creators employ, like “clickbait”. Where the strategy uses catchy titles or … Read more

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SA! Change How Massachusetts is Incentivizing Complete Streets

Eligible inrastructure and sample costs for MassDOT Complete Streets projects.


In April, 2014 the Governor of Massachusetts signed the Transportation Bond Bill, which authorized $50 million dollars for the creation of Complete Streets policies. Complete Streets are defined as streets that provide accommodations for users of all transportation modes including, but not limited to, walking, cycling public transportation, automobiles, and freight. States and local governments across the … Read more

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SA! Change UT Dell Medical School Welcomes Inaugural Class

Dell medical school 2

Austin, Texas

In 2012, Travis County (33.9% Latino) voters approved a proposition to raise property taxes to support health care initiatives in Central Texas, which included $35 million annually for the Dell Medical School. Less than four years later, on June 26, 2016, the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School opened their doors to their … Read more

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SA! Resource The Economic Burden of Physical Inactivity: A Global Analysis of Major Non-Communicable Disease

health soccer

In July 2016, The Lancet published its second Series on physical activity, which presents an update of the field since 2012 when physical inactivity was identified as important a modifiable risk factor for chronic diseases as obesity and tobacco, as well as the largest systematic review on the associations of of sedentary behavior and physical activity with … Read more

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SA! Resource Health is Everyone’s Business


The Colorado Health Foundation and the Colorado HeaIth Institute have issued new Data Spotlight, Where Health Happens. The report, to be released on Wednesday, July 27, at the Colorado Health Symposium, builds on the local Symposium event theme, “Health is Everyone’s Business.” The report highlights five nontraditional drivers of health, along with disparities and opportunities … Read more

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SA! Change Austin Creates Data Portal to Improve Health

Technology and healt

Austin, Texas

Healthy ATC is a data portal created by Central Health, the City of Austin Health & Human Services Department, and Travis County Health & Human Service and Veterans Service to help community members and policy makers learn about health indicators that affect the health and quality of life of Austin Travis County (33.8% Latino) residents. Healthy … Read more

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