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Poor Women Have The Highest Rates Of Unintended Pregnancy And The Lowest Rates Of Abortion

A new report from the Brookings Institute provides clear evidence that low-income women are being priced out of their ability to control their fertility and plan their family size. Read more

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How Many Children Really Are in Poverty?

A recent NPR article asked if the often-used data on the number of children receiving free and reduced-priced lunch is really the best measure of their economic circumstances. Read more

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Cold Weather Cities Can Keep Citizens Happy and Healthy in Winter

Winter cities need a full roster of social activities from November to April to show they can be great places for everyone to live and play. Read more

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School Food Advocacy 101

Our kids spend most of their waking life at school, so the food they encounter there can have a real impact on their health. Read more

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What you can do on Community Commons

We’re glad you’re here and excited to show you the great tools you can use on Community Commons to help with your work. Read more

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