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The “Unfinished Business” of the EPA

Many communities are overburdened with landfills, waste transfer stations, refineries, power plants and myriad sources of pollution for reasons that have a whole lot to do with race and class. Read more

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ACA Navigators: Using Community Commons to Maximize Outreach

Using data to inform outreach can lighten your load and provide great data for evaluation and sustained funding. Read more

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Maps and Stories Come Together

Digital StoryMapping starts conversations around health in neighborhoods. Read more

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What Does the Vulnerable Population Footprint Mean?

When organizations focus their work on improving these two disparities, health outcomes can improve for everyone. Read more

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Opinion: New Tax Connects Dots Between Soda and Diabetes

Kailynn Stambler from Youth Radio talks about the impact of the soda tax ballots in San Francisco and Berkley, California. Read more

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