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Air Pollution: A Trigger for Obesity and Diabetes

We know air pollution is linked to cancer and respiratory diseases, but can it also increase your risk for obesity and diabetes? That’s what the latest research from The Official Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology suggests. Read more

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AgSite: A Resource Built for Farmers and Land-Owners but Useful to Many

The Ag Site Assessment Tool, known more commonly as AgSite, is a web-based report that describes the physical, cultural, and environmental characteristics of a selected parcel of land and its surroundings. Read more

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Trail Walking

America’s “Worst City for Walking” Gets Back on its Feet

Oklahoma City—which was named as the “worst US walking city” in a 2008 study of 500 communities by Prevention magazine and the American Podiatric Medical Association—is embarking on big plans to become more walkable. Read more

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Data Viz of the Week: Tax Exempt Places of Worship

New data from the IRS acquired by Community Commons shows locations and some denominations of places of worship based on tax filing requirement codes. Read more

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Here’s What You Can Do on Community Commons

We’re glad you’re here and excited to show you the great tools you can use on Community Commons to help with your work. Read more

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