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Latino kids in underserved communities have limited options for physical activity, which is part of the reason they are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers.

How can physical activity be part of their daily experience?

The best ways to improve access to and safe use of “active spaces”— gyms, athletic fields, parks, and playgrounds—include: adopting shared use agreements; improving neighborhood characteristics, such as repairing sidewalks, installing street lights, and improving park maintenance; creating safer routes to active spaces; and using marketing and technology to change Latino kids’ physical activity patterns.

Download Our New 2016 Active Spaces Research Review, Issue Brief, and Infographics!

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Active Spaces: What‘s New?

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SA! Resource The Economic Burden of Physical Inactivity: A Global Analysis of Major Non-Communicable Disease

health soccer

In July 2016, The Lancet published its second Series on physical activity, which presents an update of the field since 2012 when physical inactivity was identified as important a modifiable risk factor for chronic diseases as obesity and tobacco, as well as the largest systematic review on the associations of of sedentary behavior and physical activity with … Read more

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SA! Resource Physical Activity 2016: Progress and Challenges

be active your way

In 2012, in The Lancet’s first Series on physical activity, physical inactivity was identified as important a modifiable risk factor for chronic diseases as obesity and tobacco. Modifiable risk factor is something that a person can modify now to improve their health, such as quitting smoking, reducing body fat percent, or walking more. In July 2016, The … Read more

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SA! Resource Health is Everyone’s Business


The Colorado Health Foundation and the Colorado HeaIth Institute have issued new Data Spotlight, Where Health Happens. The report, to be released on Wednesday, July 27, at the Colorado Health Symposium, builds on the local Symposium event theme, “Health is Everyone’s Business.” The report highlights five nontraditional drivers of health, along with disparities and opportunities … Read more

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SA! Change Austin Creates Data Portal to Improve Health

Technology and healt

Austin, Texas

Healthy ATC is a data portal created by Central Health, the City of Austin Health & Human Services Department, and Travis County Health & Human Service and Veterans Service to help community members and policy makers learn about health indicators that affect the health and quality of life of Austin Travis County (33.8% Latino) residents. Healthy … Read more

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SA! Resource Webinar: Salud America! Free Tools for Healthy Change


On Tuesday July 19, 2016 Community Commons featured Salud America! (SA!) in a webinar that explains how free membership with the SA! website can benefit you! The website provides free tools and stories aimed at creating healthy environments on a daily basis and also gives members the opportunity to: Browse content by one of each six topic … Read more

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SA! Change New York City Soccer Initiative to Build & Maintain 50 Fields

Soccer kids - Copy

New York, New York

A public-private partnership in New York City (28.6% Latino) to build and maintain 50 soccer fields in underserved neighborhoods across the five boroughs over the next five years. Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, the New York City Football Club and adidas are the team behind the New … Read more

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SA! Resource New York is the Intersection of Urban Planning and Health


Urban planning plays a significant role in addressing the health equity and health disparities of Americans, especially Latinos. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), environmental, social, and economic conditions in cities can have both positive and negative impacts on human health. Urban planning plays an important role on these conditions. Air and water quality, … Read more

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SA! Resource New Book: America’s Walk Renaissance

America walking renaissance

What are missing but not missed at a Renaissance Festival? Cars. America Walks and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative released a new book, America’s Walking Renaissance, which examines how nine cities suburbs, and towns across the country are embracing walking and creating more walkable places. “Walking is the gateway to increased physical activity, and a stimulus to … Read more

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SA! Change The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity with Physical Activity

Many people incorrectly identify class III obesity as class I obesity, thus misidentifying their own or their children's overweight and/or obesity.

United States

More and more children are facing complications from childhood obesity, complications that were previously only thought to affect adults. These include diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood levels of heart-damaging triglycerides, obstructive sleep apnea, depression, and pain and mobility issues related to excess stress on the musculoskeletal system. A study by researchers at the University of California, San … Read more

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SA! Resource Infographics About Walking


Because walking has numerous health benefits, it shouldn’t be so complicated to figure out where kids and families can walk safely and be physically active in nature. The following infographics (English and Spanish) from the National Recreation and Parks Association, EverybodyWalk, National Environmental Education Foundation, Active Living Research,and the Surgeon General demonstrate how powerful nature walks … Read more

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SA! Resource San Antonio Area Foundation Offering Community-at-Large Grant

Family Day 2

The San Antonio Area Foundation Annual Responsive Grant for Community-at-Large Grants are intended for programs that improve the safety and welfare of vulnerable and under-served populations, increase chances for individual/family success and self-sufficiency. Who is eligible to apply? Nonprofit organizations, schools, churches or governmental bodies that serve Bexar and the following surrounding counties: Frio, Atascosa, Karnes, … Read more

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SA! Resource Report Outlines New Approach to Economic Equity


Economic development is a key factor in every city’s growth. Over the last several decades, local economic development in the United States has usually involved cities, states, and regions battling against one another in an effort to attract new residents, companies, and jobs. Typically, the trend for economic development comes in the form of tax … Read more

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SA! Change Data Driven Government and Parks and Recreation

city score

Boston, Massachusetts

Data plays a key role in driving changes operational, procedural, social, environmental, and political change. In 2015, the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) started hosting Innovation Labs, interactive events to bring the sharpest minds both in and outside the field of parks and recreation to explore how innovative thinking can meet emerging challenges, reduce costs, … Read more

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