A Community Health Impact Assessment of the Santiam Canyon: One Year After the 2020 Labor Day Wildfires


This community health assessment project was conducted to examine the ongoing physical and mental health needs of wildfire survivors in the affected communities of the Santiam Canyon, following the 2020 Santiam wildfires. The study focused on five key health determinants: environmental health, housing, mental and behavioral health, food security, and personal health, with the aim of identifying needs created by the wildfires and providing recommendations for addressing these needs, such as water quality testing, mental health provider support, and monitoring of food insecurity.

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Graphic depicting key elements of the Health Impact Assessment Report entitled Santiam Canyon Wildfire Recovery which includes icons related to the following: environmental health, housing, food access; older adults, rural communities; Rural; Mixed methods; thriving natural world, humane housing, basic needs for health and safety
Santiam Canyon Wildfire Recovery
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