Critical Race Theory and Honest Education on Racism

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Racism exists in our nation's systems. It exists in criminal justice, education, the job market, housing, and health care. The racism built into the laws and rules of these systems leads to different outcomes by race. Critical race theory looks at how this built in racism is systemic and results in suffering. Also, race intersects with other identities like sexuality, gender identities, and others. Racism is not a thing of the past - it exists today. We must educate our youth and public about the role of race and racism in America. This education must be truthful and acknowledge legacies of slavery, segregation, and colonization.

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Screen grab of A Lesson on Critical Race Theory
A Lesson on Critical Race Theory
Published on 01/11/2021
Screen grab of Why are states banning critical race theory?
Why are States Banning Critical Race Theory?
Resource - Blog
Published on 07/02/2021

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Published on 04/20/2021