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Novel Approaches to Public Health

Technology is now an integral part of our every day lives, but are we leveraging it effectively in public health? Tune in to these webinar recordings from the Public Health Institute (PHI) and P2Health to: Explore innovative approaches to solving public health problems. Learn about emerging trends in technology and other innovations to support improved health. Hear from startups bosWell and Bloomlife on the solutions they've devised to address health issues (in the first webinar), and startup BabyNoggin, an app platform allowing parents to track for developmental delays at home and connect to clinicians and local resources for further follow-up (in the second). The third webinar features emocha, a complement to in-person DOT for TB programs; CareMessage, a nonprofit organization using mobile technology to make underserved populations healthier; and Bayes Impact, which has built an open-source, GIS-based web application that measures geographic accessibility of insurance networks and health care services in a streamlined, transparent and user-friendly way. Discover resources and information on technology and innovation. AUTHORS: Webinar one: Marquesa Finch, Vanessa Mason, Aristotle Mannan, Eric Dy, Sue Grinnell; Webinar two: Marquesa Finch, Vanessa Mason, Jin Lee, Shingai Samudzi, Suparna Ferreira, Sue Grinnell; PHI staff:, Sue Grinnell