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Thriving Natural World as a Vital Condition

Thriving Natural World is about having clean air, clean water, clean land, and well-functioning ecosystems. A healthy environment is one that is free from environmental hazards, one that is resilient to future changes and threats, and one that fulfills our needs to connect with nature.

Many systems in our economy – food, energy, transportation, healthcare, water, and land development – are significantly impacted by the natural environment. A poor environment can lead to acute and chronic health problems. Communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards due to past policies and lack of regulation. Climate change can cause severe weather events, flooding, and change growing conditions in food producing areas. Further environmental degradation threatens the natural systems upon which humans rely. While there have been improvements in air quality, reduction in pollution, and management and disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste, serious challenges remain.

Thriving Together: A Springboard for Equitable Recovery & Resilience in Communities Across America

This new report is a joint project of the CDC Foundation and Well Being Trust, coordinated with Community Initiatives and ReThink Health. The report acknowledges that we are now struggling and suffering through profound losses and ghastly experiences of systemic racism. Our resilience and humanity are being tested, yet we have the power to change course together. Communities across the country have an immense reservoir of energy, courage, and imagination. Our best hope for changing course is to organize local and national action around a single, unifying, measurable expectation: All people and places thriving—no exceptions. The report leverages the Vital Conditions for Well-Being framework to provide a "springboard" for communities in recovery and resilience that is imperative to this moment in time. Find the full report and the library of resources and tools coming out of collaborative work to develop Thriving Together below, and scroll on for more resources to improve thriving natural world in your community.

Below is an audio excerpt from a series of interviews to collect lived experience, community voices, and critical perspectives to inform content and direction in the Springboard report and touches on thriving natural world, specifically. 

Opportunities to Improve Thriving Natural World

Some of them most significant opportunities are:

    • Preserving and restoring environmental systems
    • Implementing sustainable development practices
    • Responding to the climate crisis and building resilience

    Stories for Inspiration

    Explore the stories below to read interesting, engaging content about what is happening at the state, national, and local level to improve thriving natural world.

    Data Resources

    Explore the data tools below to find data and related resources specifically relevant to thriving natural world.

    Screen grab of EJSCREEN tool
    EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool
    Tool - Data/mapping Tool
    Brought to you by EPA
    Brought to you by EPA
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    CalAdapt Climate Tools Page
    Webpage of Natural Amenities Scale
    Natural Amenities Scale
    Brought to you by USDA Economic Research Service
    Screen grab of Climate Impact Map
    Climate Impact Map
    Tool - Data/mapping Tool
    Brought to you by Climate Impact Lab
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    Screen grab of The Climate Explorer
    The Climate Explorer
    Tool - Data/mapping Tool
    Brought to you by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Policy Resources

    Explore the resources below that outline one or more policies that specifically seek to improve thriving natural world.

    First page of The Role of Business in Supporting Thriving Natural World business brief
    The Role of Business in Supporting a Thriving Natural World
    Resource - Policy Brief
    Brought to you by WIN Network
    Published on 02/25/2021
    Screen grab of Environmental Justice: The Power of Partnerships
    Environmental Justice: The Power of Partnerships
    Story - Video
    Brought to you by EPA
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    Just Energy Policies and Practices Action
    Just Energy Policies and Practices Action Toolkit
    Tool - Toolkit/toolbox
    Brought to you by NAACP ECJ
    HI-5 Clean Diesel Bus Fleets
    Cleaner and Alternative Fuel Bus Fleets
    Resource - Policy Brief
    Brought to you by AD for Policy and Strategy

    Action & Dialogue Guides

    Explore below to find replicable, actionable content that is easily adoptable as a strategy to improve the thriving natural world, as well as guides and tools for in-person and virtual dialogues. 

    About the Vital Conditions

    Thriving Natural World is one of seven “Vital Conditions” that comprise the Vital Conditions for Health and Well-being framework. This is a useful framework for conceptualizing holistic well-being and the Conditions that give rise to it, as well as identifying opportunities to shift those systems and drive transformative community change and improvement. It brings together major determinants of health, exposing how parts of a multi-faceted whole work as a system to produce equitable well-being. Learn more about the framework.

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    Commons Good Bobby Milstein, PhD, MPH
    Story - Audio
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