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Enterprise Community Partners is a proven and powerful nonprofit that improves communities and people’s lives by making well-designed homes affordable and connected to opportunity. As a social enterprise, Enterprise brings together the nationwide know-how, policy leadership, partners, donors and investors to multiply the impact of local affordable housing development. 


Enterprise draws on extensive experience in raising and investing capital to further connect health and housing, sharing insights to improve the health of communities, advancing smart policies and making a research-backed case for the relationship among neighborhood conditions, homes and health.


By creating homes and communities with health and wellness as the foundation, we can lessen health concerns often seen with unstable or unhealthy housing, such as asthma and mental health issues, while decreasing emergency room visits and in-patient hospitalizations. Making healthy homes affordable helps families avoid greater risk of adverse health outcomes that come with struggling to make the rent, moving frequently or experiencing homelessness.

It's the commitment to thriving people and places that makes Enterprise a Well Being in the Nation (WIN) Network partner. WIN advances intergenerational well-being for all by expanding the Vital Conditions, like humane housing, we all need all the time to reach our full potential. 

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Well Being in the Nation (WIN) Network
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Published on 10/21/2019
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Bringing the Vital Conditions to Life: Humane Housing
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Affordable Housing
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Enterprise's Solutions & Innovation strategy supports local changemakers through cross-cutting initiatives.

At Community Commons, we know how important it is to work across the Vital Conditions and at the intersections of ideas. We experience our communities as a holistic system--and, like Enterprise, believe our solutions need to reflect that interconnection, too. 

Check out the Enterprise initiatives that bring together ideas, people, and places to advance intergenerational well-being for all:

  • Culture & Creativity
    Bridging the connections between the existing physical and social systems through culture and creativity better connects residents to opportunity, and supports their long-term well-being and success.
  • Design Leadership
    Bringing together leaders in affordable housing design and development, Enterprise promotes a holistic and inclusive approach to creating healthy, green affordable homes and communities.
  • Green Communities
    Through the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, Enterprise provides a framework and resources to help create environmentally friendly affordable housing and healthy communities.
  • Health and Housing
    Enterprise is strengthening the ties between the housing and health care sectors. Together, Enterprise and its partners are finding new ways to make affordable housing a platform for residents’ health and well-being.
  • Public Sector Consulting & Technical Assistance by Enterprise Advisors
    The Enterprise team offers technical assistance, consulting and strategic support for state and local government on housing and community development issues.
  • Recovery and Rebuilding
    Enterprise informs the recovery and rebuilding of affordable homes in areas affected by natural disasters. Enterprise helps communities develop homes to a greener, healthier standard and design them with flood-proofing and other risk-mitigation features.
  • Rose Architectural Fellowship
    Partners emerging architectural designers with housing and community development organizations for three years to unite a community-based approach with best practices in design.
  • Rural and Native American Housing
    More than 40 percent of rural households lack basics like water and electricity. Enterprise is helping communities respond to these challenges and end housing insecurity in rural America.

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Cross-Cutting Themes: Working Across the Vital Conditions
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How Does Our Sense of Belonging Shape our Mental Health?
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Enterprise's Health and Housing initiative includes some of our favorite resources. 

Enterprise, through collaboration with partners and communities, creates resources that make it easier for everyone to have access to humane housing. Check out our top three recommendations below: 

#1: Health Action Plan 

The Health Action Plan framework, developed as part of the release of the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, provides affordable housing developers a process for integrating health into affordable housing design and development activities. 

This innovative process pairs affordable housing developers with public health professionals to prioritize the health needs specific to their community through data analysis and community engagement, resulting in cost-effective strategies that amplify project goals and improve factors that drive health and well-being for residents.  

Drawing from public health methods (including Health Impact Assessments or HIAs), the Health Action Plan framework allows project teams to identify and address important health issues.  With the release of the 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, Enterprise revised the Health Action Plan framework to reflect the experiences and recommendations of practitioners.

Watch the video  below to learn more about the Health Action Plan framework: 

#2: Healthy Housing Outcomes Survey

Enterprise, in partnership with Success Measures, developed the Healthy Housing Outcomes Survey that will enable its users to measure changes in resident health outcomes most likely to be influenced by healthy housing development.

#3: Housing and Community Benefit: What Counts?

Developed by Enterprise and the Catholic Health Association, this guide offers guidance to tax-exempt hospitals on housing-related activities that they can report as community benefit to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The paper explores the latest instructions and Executive Order Updates from the IRS relating to Part I of IRS Form 990 Schedule H, where hospitals report community benefit.

Success Measures Data Collection Tools
Success Measures Data Collection Tools by Category
Resource - Data Bank/repository
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First page of Healthy Housing Outcomes Survey
Healthy Housing Outcomes Survey
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Housing and Community Benefit: What Counts?
Housing and Community Benefit: What Counts?
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Success Measures Data System
Tool - Data/mapping Tool
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Check out the Enterprise Building Blocks podcast to learn more.

The Building Blocks podcast is space for thought-provoking conversations about the current issues, trends, ideas and big questions facing the affordable housing and community development field in the United States. We love the Building Blocks podcast because it connects people, places, and possibilities for more equitable well-being through housing.

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Building Blocks Podcast: Finding a Frame for Affordable Housing
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Building Blocks Podcast: Healthy Solutions for Affordable Housing
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Building Blocks Podcast page screenshot
Building Blocks Podcast: Faith-Based Development
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