Community Health Needs Assessment

How can Community Commons help you with your Community Health Needs Assessment?

Identify Vulnerable Populations  Run an Indicator Report  Recorded Webinars

This toolkit is a free web-based platform designed by a collaborative body in response to the IRS requirement outlined in the Affordable Care Act. This tool was built to assist hospitals and organizations seeking to better understand the needs and assets of their communities as well as collaborate to make measurable improvements in community health and well-being. Here’s how we can help you.

TIA Tool MapIdentify the most vulnerable populations in your community

  • Our Vulnerable Population Footprint tool allows you to locate areas of concern for vulnerable populations and health disparities in your community based on spatial visualization of two key indicators, poverty rate and educational attainment. Show me how.

Run an Indicator Report

  • The CHNA toolkit allows all community members–regardless of training, expertise, and experience–to ask and answer questions about health and quality of life at the local and regional level. Show me how.

Create maps of key indicators

3 CHNA maps