Planning Your Screening to Action Event

Whether you are hosting a small gathering or a large community meeting, the steps below provide an overview of the actions necessary to plan a successful Screening to Action Event.

Six to Eight Weeks Before Your Screening to Action Event

Assemble an organizing team

  • With a small group setting, it might be possible for only one person to do all of the planning and hosting, but creating of team of two to three people brings new perspectives and balances the workload. A large community event will go better with a team of four to six diverse perspectives.

Determine your goals

  • Review your initial goal setting exercise. Do those goals still fit? Are there new goals?

Select a facilitator(s)

  • Good facilitation is critical to a successful dialogue. Enlist an experienced facilitator or person that is a good listener and can inspire conversation while remaining neutral.  Visit Facilitator Tips for additional resources.

Arrange logistics

  • Choose a date that works for nearly all of your intended audience. Make sure that date works with your facilitator. Choose a location that is comfortable and accessible. Visit Room Set Up and Equipment for additional information.
  •  For those doing brown bag meetings, how many you will have? You might hold one long lunch hour meeting or spread the meetings out over several weeks or months.

Five to Seven Weeks Before Your Screening to Action Event

Recruit diverse participants

  • The most important thing you can do to ensure a lively discussion and meaningful outcomes is to bring together a diverse group of people. Review your goals and make sure the people you are recruiting have the knowledge, connections or influence to help you meet your goals.

Spread the Word

  • Ideally this will take place as soon as possible, but make sure all of the steps from the previous list are in place before issuing your invitations. Personal contact can make a big difference in increasing participation. A postcard with a personal note followed by a phone call or text is effective. The Weight of the Nation™ website has key video clips, facts and infographics about obesity that you can include in your outreach. Resources are also available through Kaiser Permanente 

Prepare the facilitator(s)

  • Your facilitator(s) should prepare ahead of time so that he or she is familiar with the purpose of the Screening to Action Event, the film, the agenda and the discussion questions.  Be sure to direct your facilitator to the Facilitator Tips resource.

Three to Four Weeks Before Your Screening to Action Event

Set your agenda

  • All of the Screening to Action: Quickstart Guides include ready-to-use meeting agendas. Each agenda is also available in PDF format at Screening to Action Agendas.

Gather information about existing local initiatives

  • Strengthen the impact of your meeting by providing relevant local information.
  • Create a brief “fact sheet” about your community’s demographics, obesity rates and chronic disease rates, etc using Community Commons maps & data resources.
  • Create a brief handout or presentation that describes local initiatives and partnerships.

Anticipate next steps

  • Talk with your organizing team about the kinds of action ideas participants might generate during the discussion.  What next steps might be needed to help bring these ideas to life?  Consider what kinds of support your group might be able to provide to participants to help move things forward.

Two Weeks Before Your Screening to Action Event

Engage the media

  • Send a press release to radio, television, and newspaper sources. Get the word out on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Send a broadcast email and ask friends to spread the word.

One Week Before Your Screening to Action Event

Reconfirm and remind

  • Check in with your facility, your facilitator(s), and any other key people that will assist with your event.

Assemble supplies

  • Gather everything you need for your Screening to Action event in one place. Test any audiovisual equipment you will use.

The Day of Your Screening to Action Event

Arrive Early

  • Some people will likely arrive early to your event and reporters may want to talk to you before things get started so allow yourself plenty of time to set up your room and test any equipment. 

Document your event

  • Be sure to take photos, keep notes, and try to capture any inspiring stories. It might be helpful to assign someone else to do this.

One Day to One Week After Your Screening to Action Event

Thank participants

  • Send a thank you message to everyone that assisted or attended the event and remind them of your next meeting date. 

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