Community Supported Agriculture

Crowdsourcing May Fund Urban Gardens Across America

Whole Kids Foundation, PACT,and Indiegogo are teaming up to help build urban sustainable gardens across the U.S. The “Urban Gardens Across America” campaign enables donors to fund the garden projects of their choice through the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. Each garden will have its own campaign page, and Indiegogo will host a partner page housing all the individual garden campaigns. read more

PolicyLink Release Growing Urban Agriculture Report

Growing Urban Agriculture:Equitable Strategies and Policies for Improving Access to Healthy Food and Revitalizing Communities

A vibrant movement is changing the landscape, economic outlook, and vitality of cities across the country. The recent recession affected many low income communities—taking with it manufacturing centers, jobs, and people while leaving behind abandoned homes and vacant lots. Now a new crop of urban farmers, along with activists, and community organizations are turning that land into productive use and turning around their communities.

Full Report

Farm to Fork videos on University of CA TV

Agriculture isn’t just about sowing the land; it’s about finding solutions to modern problems facing our food supply.  With farmland shrinking and a hungry population growing, what’s being done to ensure an abundant food supply that will be healthier, last longer, taste better?

Nine Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming has two 10 minute episodes you can view now with episodes 3 and 4 scheduled for the next two weeks. View here


Grow your own: making Australian cities more food-secure

Food security has typically been framed as an issue of global concern, concentrated within developing countries. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation defines food security in terms of the availability of food sufficient to meet the needs of all people at all times, and while this conception acknowledges that people must have the wherewithal to meet their own needs, it can lead to a preoccupation with the gross volume of food produced, at the expense of questions of distribution and adequacy. More..

Detroit To Become Hotbed Of Urban Agriculture

The Motor City may soon be known better for it’s tomatoes than it’s cars. Urban farming initiatives have been popping up all over Detroit as a way to utilize the city’s plethora of vacant lots and  provide fresh food for local residents.

Now, Michigan State University has announced it will build a major urban agriculture research campus within the city that will position the city as a future world center for urban food systems technology and development. The agreement, signed in late June by Mayor Dave Bing and MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon outlines a program dubbed the MetroFoodPlus Innovation Cluster @ Detroit. More…

Urban Agriculture Takes Root with ZinCo’s New ‘Urban Rooftop Farming System’

Stoughton, MA., (June 14, 2012) – ZinCo USA, a recognized leader in extensive and intensive green roof products, announced the release of a new green roof system designed specifically for urban agriculture. The build-up, which includes ZinCo’s new Substrate F, encourages the growth of fruits and vegetables by providing a soil compound rich with minerals and other nutrients. Combined with comprehensive cultivation and organic fertilization by farmers, it wont be long before growers will be enjoying the fruits of their labor – literally.

Interest in urban farming has increased significantly over the past decade, as consumers grow increasingly aware of food sources and suppliers. Once again, people are taking advantage of farmers markets and restaurants that use local ingredients. With increased interest, the demand has grown for more open space to grow fruits and vegetables.  More…

Got food scraps? Hail a ‘Compost Cab’

Jeremy Brosowsky was in a Milwaukee greenhouse in March 2010 when he had an epiphany: “What if we could take our garbage and grow food in it?”

Brosowsky, 38, was in Wisconsin to learn about urban agriculture at Growing Power, the pioneering urban farm of McArthur Genius fellow Will Allen. At the time, Jeremy was thinking about starting a rooftop agriculture business, but he was intrigued by Allen’s emphasis on the importance — and elusiveness — of fertile soil. More…

Urban Farm Spawned By Sheriffs Adds Acreage

The best view in Alameda County may be down on the farm — City View Farm, that is, a new eight-acre parcel of fruit treees and vegetables being grown on county land in an effort to create jobs while providing fresh foods in low income areas.

City View Farm is being cultivated by Dig Deep Farms & Produce, a project started in 2010 by the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League (DSAL).

Dig Deep was designed to keep city kids out of trouble by teaching them to farm while providing needy residents with good foods in the process. More…

Food bank issues garden challenge

The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre hopes to grow a little healthy competition this year alongside the potatoes and corn at its garden patch in the city’s downtown.

The food bank is challenging businesses, community groups and citizens to take over a plot in the 1.5-acre garden patch and tend to it for the growing season. Teams will grow fresh produce on the plots for donation to the food bank’s hamper program – cultivating community, the food bank says. More…

With their city shrinking, many Detroiters use empty lots to grow gardens

In the Old Redford neighborhood in northwest Detroit, community gardener Kofi Royal, 64, has been busy planning what to grow this spring.

The community plot he tends covers just a couple of vacant lots. But he and John George, the local activist and founder of the Motor City Blight Busters community group, hope to expand soon to cover several more vacant lots, making theirs one of the larger community gardens in the city. More…