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Community Context

Establish and understand the unique circumstances, or context, of your community through an equity lens.

Areas of Ethnic Diversity

Explore local-level racial and ethnic diversity by 2010 census block groups

Vulnerable Populations

Explore your community through the lens of vulnerable populations–those in poverty and without a high school diploma.

Equity User Map Gallery

View maps of equity-related topics saved by users in the map gallery

Equity Data Report

Explore topics of diversity and equity with our report tool



Assess economic vitality.

Access Economic Data

Download tables and charts of economic indicators to use in presentations and reports

Economy User Map Gallery

View maps of economic indicators saved by users in the map gallery

Families Living In Poverty

View percentages of families in poverty by census tract in your community

Wage Gap

Income ratio between full time male/female workers.



Explore educational effects on health disparity.

Early Childhood Experiences

Identify locations of headstart facilites and percentages of single parent households.

Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Eligibility

Locations of public schools shaded by the percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

Education User Map Gallery

Explore starter maps related to education created and saved by users

Children Living in Poverty

Explore how free and reduced priced school lunch relates to children in poverty



Identify natural and built environment resources.

Brownfield Locations

Locations of Brownfield sites throughout the nation.

Solar and Wind Power

Browse the EPA’s Re-Power Sites including wind, solar, biofuel & hydrothermal.

Air Quality

Percent of days above acceptable standards for fine particulate matter

Physical Environment Data

Access county-level reports highlighting environment impact on health



Examine food access, affordability, and security.

Food Environment Report

Create a report examining select indicators related to your local food environment.

Food Access Gallery

Find food deserts, food access points and more in these maps created by users

SNAP and Race/Ethnicity

Access locations of SNAP retailers with predominant race/ethnicity

Supermarket Locations

Locations of supermarkets and other food retailers.



Determine areas of health disparity and identify vulnerable populations.

Uninsured Population

Map populations without health insurance.

Health User Map Gallery

Explore health indicators in these starter maps created and saved by users

CHNA Report

Create a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report to view indicators of health and quality of life at the local and regional level.

Heart Disease

Heart disease mortality by county