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SA! Resource Latino Kindergartners Start School Already Behind in Math

Currently, 1 in 4 kindergartners nationwide are Latino. By 2050, that number will be 1 in 3. Latinos are the fastest-growing population in the country and they are also becoming the youngest. However, many disparities in education exist between Latinos and other races and ethnicities. A new report from the Child Trends’ Hispanic Institute uncovered … Read more

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SA! Resource New List Cites the Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in the U.S.

For many Americans, where they live often dictates how healthy they are. For Latinos, where they live often creates inequities and disparities; residential segregation often leads to a lack of access to care, lack of educational attainment, and financial inequity. The financial site WalletHub examined the notion of healthy cities recently. Cities across the country … Read more

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SA! Resource CSPI Calls Out Chili’s For Soda on Kids’ Menus

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking for your help to ensure Chili’s removes soda from kids’ menus. Latino kids, who are often more marketed sodas than their white peers consume more sugary drinks than their white peers, where 74% of Latinos have had a sugary drink by age two. Research also … Read more

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SA! Resource Connecting the 3 E’s – Webinar Ties Together Housing & Health Outcomes

The connection between housing and health is an indisputable one. Living in a health hazard-free home is important for everyone – especially children – to living healthy successful lives. The presence of hazardous materials in many homes, including lead-based paints, mold, and pests threaten the health and safety of many children living in low-income homes. … Read more

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SA! Resource Mind the Gap: Using Public Transportation to Connect Neighborhoods and Grocery Stores

Latino Health FArmers Market Public Transportation

Public transportation matters for healthy food access. When grocery stores aren’t close to home, which is the case in many Latino neighborhoods, people lack access to healthy food-and many other destinations. Public transportation can play a huge role in connecting families in disadvantaged areas with healthy resources to build a culture of health for everyone. … Read more

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SA! Resource Guam Gets Fit with Fit Fridays

On February third, the Ordot -Chalan Pago Elementary School (OCPES) kicked off the school-wide event for a SNAP-Ed program called “Fit Fridays” to encourage students to have at least one hour of regular physical activity every day. Health champions that helped lead the event were Principal of OCPES, Tricia Moylan and School Nurse, Leah Landstrom. Ordot-Chalan … Read more

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SA! Resource Milken Institute Show What’s #WeighingUSdown

In all 50 states, at least 20% of the population now has obesity, according to The Milken Institute report, “Weighing Down America” that shows in detail the threat of obesity on rising rates of disease, our health care system, and our economy. Among the report are the facts that: Finds total cost of Americans’ obesity equals … Read more

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SA! Resource Preschool Programs Help Latino Kids Outperform their Classmates in Third Grade

Latino Health Early Education

Low-income Latino kids who attended early education programs at age 4 did better in third grade than other public school children, according to a study conducted using data from the Miami School Readiness Project (MSRP). Unfortunately, fewer Latino children are enrolled in early education programs than non-Latino children. Researchers looked at data from 11,902 low-income Latino children in … Read more

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SA! Resource Celebrate National Drinking Water Alliance’s “Go for H20”!

Clean, accessible water is vital to the health of children, especially when it comes to reducing consumption of sugary beverages and keeping kids healthy throughout the school day. The National Drinking Water Alliance (NDWA) is a national coalition of nonprofits, academic institutions, individuals and advocates who are working to ensure all children have access to … Read more

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SA! Resource One More Reason To Decrease Fast-Food Eating Habits

Fast-food is usually considered unhealthy, as it contains added salts, fats and sugars in most menu items, but how does the packaging of fast-food harm you? A new study funded by the National Science Foundation and the Silent Sprint institute showed how chemicals used in an array of fast food packaging can be dangerous to consumers. … Read more

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SA! Resource New Report Focuses on Community-Based Solutions for Health Equity

Despite being the country’s largest racial/ethnic group, Latinos suffer from “vast differences” in health conditions compared to whites. These health disparities prevent many Latinos from attaining quality health and well-being, educational achievement, and financial success. A new report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine entitled Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity … Read more

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