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Salud Hero Technology Brings Health Care to Latinos in Houston

Houston, Texas

Peter Kim is a sort of accidental convert to the world of telehealth. Kim was about to start his labor-intensive medical residency—but he also wanted to continue his work as a community health coordinator with Harbor Health Home in Houston. How could he do both? Telehealth. Kim began to further explore how to use telehealth … Read more

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Salud Hero At-Risk Residents Get a Cooking Class You Can Take Home for Dinner

United States

Noemi Villarreal sees Latinos in San Antonio struggle with disease, and wants to help. That’s why she has helped launch family support connectors, and also developed farmers markets in the Eastside, a heavily Latino section of the city. The farmers markets did not work. How could Villarreal and neighborhood leaders still bring cooking and nutrition … Read more

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Salud Hero Engaging Latino Families in Sustainable Mental, Physical, and Preventive Healthcare in Arizona

Maricopa County, Arizona

For 30 years, a group of small clinics have provided primary healthcare to residents in Maricopa County, Ariz. (30% Latino population). A few years ago, the leadership of those clinics—Dr. Avein Saaty Tafoya and Lisa Blue—recognized that local residents continued to face cultural, language, financial, and other barriers to proper comprehensive healthcare. They felt compelled … Read more

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Salud Hero Video Projects Influence Student Health

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Film is a creative, impactful way to tell a story—especially when it deals with real-world problems and solutions. In Las Cruces, New Mexico (67.1% Latino), school dietitian Barbara Berger saw the need to increase eating well and physical activity among students. Berger and others worked to get funding to enable students to make creative videos … Read more

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Salud Hero Growing Gardens For Eastside Wellness

San Antonio, Texas

Stephen Lucke, a student at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) in San Antonio (63% Latino), took a nutrition class early on in college and learned that limited healthy food access can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity among low-income minorities. After helping develop gardens at UIW to grow fresh produce, Lucke went … Read more

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Salud Hero Mom Group Gives Free Swag Bags to Help New Moms Who are Nursing Infants

Latino Health breastfeeding

Mesa, Arizona

After Nikki Van Strien delivered her first son in Mesa, Ariz. (30.5% Latino), she realized the discharge package given to all new moms by the hospital could undermine a woman’s breastfeeding goals by pushing formula. She wanted to do something to support breastfeeding moms immediately after delivery. In 2011, Van Strien and some other moms … Read more

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Salud Hero Bilingual Campaign Bubbles Up Healthier Drinking Habits

St. Paul, Minnesota

In the midst of a growing Latino population in Minneapolis, (10.5% Latino), Shannon Gavin and Alma Galvez saw heavy sugary drink consumption and obesity-related heath issues among children through their work with and in St. Mary’s Health Clinics. In 2013, they partnered with the Minneapolis Health Department to help create and spread a bilingual, culturally … Read more

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Salud Hero City Park Workers Create ‘Health’ Scavenger Hunt in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

City parks worker Michael Baldwin saw rampant physical inactivity and disease in San Antonio, Texas (68% Latino). To help, he wanted to attract people to existing health programs and services in city parks. Baldwin and his team, through local collaborations, developed Fit Pass, a city-wide scavenger hunt for wellness and physical activities. People can download … Read more

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Salud Hero Local RDN’s Promote Nutrition Through Popular Magazine

Phoenix, Arizona

Many people have a favorite magazine that they enjoy reading, whether it is the latest celebrity news, world affairs, or sports stories; but what if there was a magazine that also offered nutritional advice, supplied healthy recipes, and disseminated the latest health information all in a way you could understand? That’s exactly what registered dietitians … Read more

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Salud Hero Pura Vida – Showing Minnesota Latinos What Health Really Means

Minneappolis, Minnesota

Many Latinos in Minnesota get “left out,” of the healthcare picture. That’s why HealthFinders Collaborative aims to provider healthcare and services to marginalized families in Rice county, nearly 50 miles south of Minneapolis and St. Paul. But HealthFinders leaders like Charlie Mandile continued to identify gaps in local healthcare. Mandile and his team came up with a solution … Read more

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Salud Hero San Antonio Provides Free Fitness Classes in Parks Across the City

San Antonio, TX

Pete Garcia spent several years as a personal trainer in San Antonio, learning first-hand that many residents in at-risk parts of the city struggled with obesity and related health problems. So when Garcia became the city’s supervisor of athletics and programs, he wanted to develop and implement programs that would increase access to physical activity … Read more

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Salud Hero Foster Mom Mobilizes Effort to Save Pool in Low-Income Minneapolis Neighborhood

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hannah Lieder, foster mother and founder of Minneapolis Swims, has been working since 2010 to keep open the local Phillips Pool in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minn. Why? Lieder knows that children living in low-income, Latino, or minority neighborhoods have historically lacked convenient access to physical activity spaces, particularly swimming pools, compared to white … Read more

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Salud Hero Local Nurse Provides Healthy School Snack Workshops

Corpus Christi, Texas

Registered nurse Derek Dimas learned kids need to eat healthier to help decrease the high rates of obesity in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas (50.7 % Latino). By starting a program to help kids see fruits and vegetables as delicious works of art, students in schools across the city are having fun learning how … Read more

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