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SA! Change 2 New Partners in Safety: Safe Routes to School and Vision Zero

Latino health physical activity traffic safety walkability vision zero

United States

Although walking has numerous mental and physical benefits-and is fun-many people avoid walking if the streets aren’t safe, which limits their mobility and access to basic necessities like schools, work, grocery stores, parks, healthcare, and other cultural and historical community resources. When it comes to safe streets, the U.S. lags far behind other countries.  Given … Read more

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SA! Change Double Up SNAP Program helps locals and farmers

Phoenix, Arizona

The new Double UP food Bucks Arizona (Double Up AZ) program is helping to ensure more people have fresh healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet. Having better access to locally grown organic foods is also helping to support local economic growth and health. Robert McClendon, a farmer in the region explained to local 12 … Read more

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SA! Change Latino Men Often Put Off Medical Care

United States

Latinos are already the nation’s largest racial and ethnic minority group. Their numbers continue to grow and are expected to increase from 1 in 6 today to 1 in 3 by 2060. They also continuously face numerous health disparities compared to whites. Even among Latinos, there are inequities – especially between Latino men and Latina … Read more

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SA! Change Massachusetts Hospitals Ask Lawmakers for Sugary Drink Tax


As more and more cities are looking towards soda taxes to help reduce chronic health risks associated with sugary drink consumption, Massachusetts hospitals are now in talks with lawmakers about a soda tax to help fund improving children’s health in the state. “I think it’s a good idea. If it promotes good health for people, … Read more

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SA! Change New Policy Would Bring Food Pantries to Texas Schools


Overall Latinos are disproportionately affected by poverty, food insecurity, and unemployment compared to their white peers. According to Feeding America, Latinos are also more likely to receive emergency food assistance than their White, non-Hispanic peers and less likely to receive SNAP benefits and are Latinos are more than twice as likely to be food insecure … Read more

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SA! Change Doctor Yum Makes Healthy Eating Easy For Families

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dr. Nimali Fernando, aka “Doctor Yum” is a board-certified pediatrician practicing in Fredericksburg, Virginia, after seeing kids whose body mass index fell into higher percentiles, she realized many families needed nutrition education. Working with many families in her practice she found out kids eating practices within her practice were unhealthy and she began to see another … Read more

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SA! Change Exciting News! The Bronx Healthy Beverage Zone Project Moves Forward

United States

What is considered a “healthy beverage zone”? A sugary drinks-free zone! The Healthy Beverage Zone (HBZ) is a first of its kind, borough-wide effort to eliminate sugary-sweetened beverages (SSBs) at work sites, health centers, hospitals, houses of worship and schools, affecting all who work, live, and visit the Bronx. The initiative that has already received … Read more

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SA! Change 2017 Active Living Summit

Latino Health Active Living

United States

Are you interested in changing people’s health outcomes through programs, policy changes, and infrastructure improvements? Check out the inaugural Active Living Summit hosted by Movement Makers in Richmond, VA, May 17-19, 2017. We will be to there learn and present! Hear stories about policies changed, advocacy wins, innovative school initiatives, and more. Discover how to … Read more

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SA! Change NFL Hall of Famer, Emmitt Smith Takes A Stand For Healthier Food

United States

Many know Emmitt Smith was as an NFL Hall-of-Famer, but did you know he is also a real estate and construction businessman and community philanthropist? He is now writing on support for Texas to establish a food retail incentive fund that would help businesses expand healthy retail into low-income neighborhoods and booster development. “When I talk … Read more

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SA! Change Connecticut State Looks Into Soda Tax

United States

Connecticut would be the first State to consider a statewide soda tax if conversations continue. Cities like Berkely and Philadelphia have passed a tax and have already seen progress in terms of reducing soda consumption and improving funding for education and public health initiatives. For Connecticut, the conversation around soda taxes began back in 2014 … Read more

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SA! Change Parenting Master Classes Use Latino Cultural Perspective

Latino Health Literacy physical mental kindergarten

Walla Walla County, Washington

Many factors influence early childhood development, school readiness, and health. For example, Latino parents are less likely to engage their children in preliteracy activities or read books to them leading to cognitive and oral communication gaps in Latino children. Culturally relevant parent counseling, education and support can play a huge role in childhood literacy and … Read more

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SA! Change Report Sheds Light on Hunger & Homelessness Problem for Many College Students

United States

For many Latinos, the dream of going to and attending college is a lifelong dream. More and more are enrolling in two- and four-year colleges and universities. While the numbers don’t quite match other racial and ethnic minorities, more Latinos are earning secondary degrees. However, for many, the college experience quickly turns from dream to … Read more

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