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SA! Change Latino Parents in Mass. Find Translation Efforts Inadequate

United States

Despite making great strides in education achievement and attainment in recent years, many Latinos still face significant obstacles that prevent them from being equal to their White, Black, and Asian peers. One of the most significant obstacles is the language barrier that many, especially immigrant and non-English speaking parents must deal with. In Holyoke, MA … Read more

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SA! Change Texas City Drafts Budget to Funnel Funds through ‘Equity Lens’

United States

“Equity” is a term that means many things to many different people. For many Latinos, equity has been difficult to attain in many different areas. Healthcare, housing, education, and income are just some of the areas in which many Latinos face disparities and/or inequities. However, the City of San Antonio, Texas (63.34% Latino population), has … Read more

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SA! Change City Councilman Behind Efforts to Save Ed. Program for Low-Income Students

San Antonio, Texas

Education is one of the most important factors that determines a person’s long-term health and success in life. While more and more Latinos are finding their way into two- and four-year colleges and universities, they still lag behind other racial/ethnic groups. Often, a lack of access and opportunity prevent many Latino students from continuing their … Read more

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SA! Change Teenagers Help Erase School Lunch Debt

United States

It cannot be emphasized enough: kids need to eat healthy, nutritious meals in order for them to succeed academically. There is an indisputable link between nutrition and the development of children’s brains. Despite this importance, many kids go hungry. Kids from low-income families, including a disproportionate number of Latinos, often go without meals at school … Read more

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SA! Change Detroit Lawsuit Over Civil Right to Literacy in Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Only a little over 5% of 4th and 8th grader students in Detroit, Michigan scored proficient in reading. In September 2016, a class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court against Governor Rick Snyder and state education officials, claiming that the state of Michigan is denying students in Detroit Public Schools their constitution … Read more

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SA! Change Streetsblog’s Sorriest Bus Stop Competition

Latino health public transit safe routes

United States

Two critical parts of every bus trip are the walk there and the walk back. Sadly, many streets are designed for cars, not families, making for some very sorry bus stops. Safe routes and safe bus stops are critical for people to access basic necessities, like schools, work, grocery stores, parks, healthcare, and other cultural … Read more

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SA! Change Head Start Partners with Technical and Community College

Latino Health early childhood development

Alexandria, Minnesota

Latino children may have education disadvantages when starting kindergarten. Head Start, which is free for low-income families, may help to improve school readiness with curriculum to enhance children’s language, pre-literacy, and social-emotional skills. In 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services Head Start passed new performance standards increasing the minimum program hours. This is … Read more

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SA! Change Do Latinos Live in the Safest Cities in America?

Naperville, Illinois

It’s a fact. Where you live greatly affects your health. Live near a major road? How about a power plant? Or a densely populated neighborhood? Are you close to a supermarket? All of these factors – and more – impact your health on a day-to-day basis. For many low-income and Latino families, live in areas … Read more

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SA! Change New Funds Awarded to Encourage SNAP Participants to Eat Healthier

United States

Since its inception, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has become the most important anti-hunger program in the United States. The program has helped benefit millions of low-income Latino families out of poverty and support them by providing an “adequate diet.” Overall, Latinos have a higher poverty rate than the national average. According to a … Read more

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SA! Change New Affordable Housing Initiative Proposed for Austin

Austin, Texas

Where you live matters. There is no escaping how important that housing impacts an individual’s life. Where someone lives affects their income and education levels, their access to opportunities, and their overall health. In many “big cities” in the United States, housing costs force some low-income and Latino families to make difficult financial decisions. Many … Read more

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SA! Change Fruit Juice Banned in Primary Schools to Cut Obesity in Scotland

LAtino health sweetened sugary beverages juice

United States

Sweetened sugary beverages are the main sources of excess sugar consumption and are associated with decreased water, fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as increased risk for obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Parents in the Tayside area of Scotland expressed their concerns about the excess sugar given to toddlers in the form of fruit … Read more

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SA! Change Azusa Unified Now Identifies as a Pre-K through 12th District

Latino Health early child education

Azusa Unified School District, California

California educates about one in eight U.S. students. In 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) into law, which is the most comprehensive school funding system in 40 years. The LCFF provides more equitable school funding with local flexibility and greater community engagement with the goal of reducing the achievement gap in education. … Read more

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SA! Change Salvation Army in Chattanooga Helps Residents ‘Beat the Heat’

Chattanooga, Tennessee

With temperatures this summer reaching into the triple digits in many cities across the country, staying hydrated is crucially important for everyone. In many low-income and Latino neighborhoods, this becomes problematic, as access to clean drinking water is not always readily available. In Chattanooga, Tenn. (5.41% Latino population), the city’s branch of the Salvation Army … Read more

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SA! Change Low Wages Leave Many Latino Families in NV Struggling


Even as the unemployment rate continues to drop around the country – which is a clear positive sign for the economy – the situation for many Latino and low-income families is still very bleak. Approximately 1 in 6 households have zero or negative net worth, according to the financial website Prosperity Now. In the state … Read more

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