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One of four U.S. kids is already overweight or obese by age 2-5, with a higher rate among Latino kids (30%) than white kids (21%).

How can Latino kids achieve a healthy weight by kindergarten?

Breastfeeding has positive effects on children. Interventions or policies aimed at improving breastfeeding rates among Latina mothers may be critical to promoting healthy weight goals.

In addition to breastfeeding, research suggests that other factors that may also play a critical role in helping Latino kids achieve a healthy weight by kindergarten: mothers’ physical activity and healthy eating habits before and during pregnancy, formula marketing, maternity leave, and kids’ healthy eating and physical activity habits established during early childhood.

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Healthy Weight: What‘s New?

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SA! Change Free Water Stations to Be Built Citywide in SF

Roberto Vargas, MPH, is among the UCSF team that will be ramping up for a multicultural, multigenerational health education campaign to accompany the 10 new San Francisco stations. (Photo Credit: Susan Merrell)

San Francisco, California

San Francisco (41.9% Latino), will now enjoy the refreshing ability to have clean water access in neighborhoods across the city, where free drinking water stations will be installed thanks to community collaborations. The collaborations include the City of San Francisco, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and other community groups that are hoping to help … Read more

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SA! Change Mom Starts Petition for Healthier Checkout Lanes



Telling reporters and gaining attention from Good Morning America, Michigan mom, and healthy food advocate, Jane Kramer has started a petition towards healthier checkouts for retailers. The mom explained in her online petition, that stores should do more to combat the obesity epidemic, by providing shoppers with healthier foods at checkouts instead of encouraging impulse … Read more

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SA! Resource Pre-K kids are Influenced by Unhealthy Marketing Shows New Study

Kids snacking and watching TV.

Many Latino preschool kids deal with heavy advertisements of unhealthy food marketing and consume more sugary beverages and junk foods than their peers. Now a new study highlights the importance of healthier food marketing to kids of preschool age. The study reported on in Pediatrics found that food advertisement exposure may actually encourage more eating among … Read more

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SA! Change Breastfeeding Emoji is on the Way


United States

In November 2015, the Unicode Consortium approved 51 new emoji’s, and breastfeeding is one, according to Forbes. Based on requests and popular demand, the Unicode Consortium decides which emojis will be available for mobile devices, laptops, desktops and wearables. Interventions or policies aimed at improving breastfeeding rates among Latina mothers may be critical to promoting … Read more

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SA! Resource Soul of the Community Survey Research Brief

Latino Health Physical Activity Equity

Perceptions of place impact behavior, thus health. Think of specific places, like neighborhoods, sidewalks, and parks; specific physical activity behaviors like walking, playing, and biking; and specific health issues, like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Latino children often lack access-both real and perceived-to safe, available places to be physically active, thus their mental, physical, and emotional … Read more

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SA! Change Peer Support Can Help Latinos with Diabetes


United States

Many minorities, including Latinos, are disproportionately affected by diabetes. New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that almost 13% of all Latinos have the disease compared to just over 9% of the overall U.S. population. Latinos are also more likely to experience complications from the disease and, according to … Read more

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Salud Hero Mom Group Gives Free Swag Bags to Help New Moms Who are Nursing Infants

Latino Health breastfeeding

Mesa, Arizona

After Nikki Van Strien delivered her first son in Mesa, Ariz. (30.5% Latino), she realized the discharge package given to all new moms by the hospital could undermine a woman’s breastfeeding goals by pushing formula. She wanted to do something to support breastfeeding moms immediately after delivery. In 2011, Van Strien and some other moms … Read more

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SA! Resource A History of Adverse Childhood Experiences May Impact Breastfeeding Exclusivity


A history of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) may negatively impact a mother’s exclusive breastfeeding rates. ACEs are negative events or experiences, such as abuse, neglect, or household dysfunction that cause disproportionate stress to children, which can harm their health and development. As the number of ACEs increases, so does the risk for negative health outcomes throughout … Read more

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SA! Change Philly is Clear For Tax

Isolated Yellow Crushed  Can With Word Debt On White Background. (Source: istock)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city can now move forward with the taxing of sugary beverages as a ruling on Monday dismissed the American Beverage Association and other Pennsylvania food and beverage associations lawsuit in “its entirety”, meaning there is no going back after January first when the tax is scheduled to take effect. Signed by Mayor Jim Kenney, … Read more

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SA! Resource Grant Opportunity Applications Open Till December 15th!

active kid

Grants up to $90,000 are now available for those focused on helping kids grow up at a healthy weight through state, local and tribal public policy campaigns. Applicants can apply to the Voices for Healthy Kids grant by Thursday, December 15th, 2016 and applications must be specific to an individual campaign focused on changing public policy … Read more

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SA! Resource Obesity Rates Decline Among Young Children Enrolled in WIC

Latino Health Breastfeeding WIC

Thirty-four of 56 WIC State Agencies reported modest decreases in obesity among young children from 2010 to 2014; however, Hispanic children still had higher rates of obesity than their peers, according to the study published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, The CDC worked in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to monitor obesity … Read more

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SA! Resource Formula Marketers May Undermine Breastfeeding: A Preliminary Analysis of Social Media Marketing of Infant Formula

Latino Health Breastfeeding Marketing

Digital marketing-versus print advertising, product labels, and television commercials-is uniquely problematic today in that marketers are able to aggressively reach a pregnant woman with personalized content early and constant, which may undermine breastfeeding, according to a preliminary analysis of social media marketing of infant formula by the Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) in September 2016. … Read more

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SA! Change National WIC Association Cuts Ties with Infant Formula Manufacturers


United States

Marketing infant formula to pregnant Latinas is associated with reduced rates of initiating breastfeeding, shorter duration of breastfeeding, and increased use of formula. In September 2016, the National WIC Association (NWA) announced that they were ending their relationship with infant formula manufacturers. The NWA is the education arm and advocacy voice of the nation’s 12,200 WIC public … Read more

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