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Latinos are the nation’s largest racial/ethnic minority group. They are expected to grow from 1 in 6 people today to 1 in 4 by 2035 and 1 in 3 by 2060. They’re also one of the most diverse groups, with distinct differences between those of varying national or territorial origin, place of birth, and language use.

Latinos also suffer vast differences in health conditions, also called health disparities, than whites.

Why do these disparities exist?

Certain health inequities are at play, which are rooted in social disadvantage and therefore are unjust or avoidable. Here we address six basic inequities among Latinos: educational attainment; income; residential segregation; access to care; community advocacy that drives disparities-reducing policies; and opposition to such policies.

Several actions can be taken to promote health equity and reduce health disparities, which can contribute to a culture of health where everyone is empowered to live the healthiest lives they can.

Health Equity: What‘s New?

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SA! Resource Report Finds Texas is the Best Place for Latino Business

For many Latinos a lack of access to opportunities keep them from achieving health equity and obtaining financial security. However, a recent study from the financial website WalletHub paints a very positive picture of where things could be heading. Latinos are already the largest ethnic and racial minority in the country and their numbers are … Read more

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SA! Change Latino Men Often Put Off Medical Care

United States

Latinos are already the nation’s largest racial and ethnic minority group. Their numbers continue to grow and are expected to increase from 1 in 6 today to 1 in 3 by 2060. They also continuously face numerous health disparities compared to whites. Even among Latinos, there are inequities – especially between Latino men and Latina … Read more

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SA! Resource New White Paper on Health, Behavioral Design, and the Built Environment

Latino health physical activity behavioral design

Food and physical activity are both continuous and cumulative habits. Small changes every day can drastically improve your health and quality of life. However, the built world, whether intentional or not, influences the human experience. Many people live and work in places that impede or reduce physical activity and sell or promote unhealthy food. The National … Read more

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SA! Resource Latino Kids Start School Three Months Behind in Math

Findings from a new report shed light on the state of Latino children and the education gap many face as they enter kindergarten. According to a study entitled “Making Math Count More for Young Latino Children” by Child Trends, Latino students are three months behind in math literacy compared to their white peers. Citing poverty … Read more

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SA! Change New Policy Would Bring Food Pantries to Texas Schools


Overall Latinos are disproportionately affected by poverty, food insecurity, and unemployment compared to their white peers. According to Feeding America, Latinos are also more likely to receive emergency food assistance than their White, non-Hispanic peers and less likely to receive SNAP benefits and are Latinos are more than twice as likely to be food insecure … Read more

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SA! Resource Increased Enrollment led to Increased Number of Hispanic-Serving Institutions in the U.S.

There is an undeniable link between education and health. In fact, educational attainment is one of the key social determinants of health. Lack of access and opportunity are often some of the barriers that keep many Latinos from furthering their education beyond high school. However, the numbers from several studies have pointed to the fact … Read more

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SA! Resource Narrowing the Wealth Gap for Latinos is Goal of New Initiatives

Economic stability is often one of the most important determining factors of a person’s – and a family’s – overall health. The stress associated with money often leads to severe negative health conditions and can severely impact children’s abilities to succeed in school. Recognizing that many Latinos live in low-income, high-poverty, and high-crime areas, the … Read more

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SA! Change Report Sheds Light on Hunger & Homelessness Problem for Many College Students

United States

For many Latinos, the dream of going to and attending college is a lifelong dream. More and more are enrolling in two- and four-year colleges and universities. While the numbers don’t quite match other racial and ethnic minorities, more Latinos are earning secondary degrees. However, for many, the college experience quickly turns from dream to … Read more

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SA! Change Telehealth is Working for Latinos in South Carolina

South Carolina

“Telehealth” or “Telemedicine,” as it sometimes called, refers to traditional clinical diagnosis and monitoring that is delivered by technology. It has proven to be an exciting breakthrough in medicine and has been used in wide array of situations to diagnose and manage symptoms, in education, and other related fields of health care, including: dentistry, counseling, … Read more

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