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In many Latino neighborhoods, fast food and corner stores often outnumber and are used more than supermarkets and farmers’ markets, resulting in inadequate consumption of healthy foods and overconsumption of unhealthy foods—part of the reason Latino kids are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers.

How can healthy foods and drinks be the available, affordable, and desired choice?

Healthy food financing initiatives can boost access to healthy, affordable foods by offering supermarkets and farmers’ markets certain incentives to locate in underserved areas.

Government financing initiatives also encourage existing corner stores to expand their inventory of healthy, affordable foods. Separate programs use food vouchers by low-income consumers shopping at farmers’ markets.

Also, more marketing of healthy foods, and less of junk foods, can help spur desirability.

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Better Food in Neighborhoods: What‘s New?

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SA! Change Double Up SNAP Program helps locals and farmers

Phoenix, Arizona

The new Double UP food Bucks Arizona (Double Up AZ) program is helping to ensure more people have fresh healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet. Having better access to locally grown organic foods is also helping to support local economic growth and health. Robert McClendon, a farmer in the region explained to local 12 … Read more

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SA! Resource New White Paper on Health, Behavioral Design, and the Built Environment

Latino health physical activity behavioral design

Food and physical activity are both continuous and cumulative habits. Small changes every day can drastically improve your health and quality of life. However, the built world, whether intentional or not, influences the human experience. Many people live and work in places that impede or reduce physical activity and sell or promote unhealthy food. The National … Read more

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SA! Change Doctor Yum Makes Healthy Eating Easy For Families

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dr. Nimali Fernando, aka “Doctor Yum” is a board-certified pediatrician practicing in Fredericksburg, Virginia, after seeing kids whose body mass index fell into higher percentiles, she realized many families needed nutrition education. Working with many families in her practice she found out kids eating practices within her practice were unhealthy and she began to see another … Read more

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SA! Resource Six Food Innovation Opportunities for Healthier Food Careers

Calling all students interested in food and agriculture! Food Tank is highlighting six unique opportunities for students to fund projects, receive professional training, and bolster their resumes on projects they may have already developed for a class, their thesis, or independent study. The six opportunities focused around food include:  Norman Borlaug Award For Field Research … Read more

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SA! Change NFL Hall of Famer, Emmitt Smith Takes A Stand For Healthier Food

United States

Many know Emmitt Smith was as an NFL Hall-of-Famer, but did you know he is also a real estate and construction businessman and community philanthropist? He is now writing on support for Texas to establish a food retail incentive fund that would help businesses expand healthy retail into low-income neighborhoods and booster development. “When I talk … Read more

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SA! Resource Report: Parents’ Attitudes Towards Food Marketing

Latino Health

The newly released UConn Rudd Center Parents’ Attitudes Towards Food Marketing Report highlights parents’ views about food marketing to children and food self-industry regulation, and their support for policies to help encourage healthy eating for their children. The Rudd Center surveyed over 3,500 parents with children ages 2 to 17. Researchers used a cross-sectional sample … Read more

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SA! Resource #WellnessWins Campaign Launches!

The #WellnessWins campaign celebrates the importance of strong wellness policies and the great strides districts are already making nationwide! The #WellnessWins campaign celebrates district wellness success and inspires everyone to create healthier school environments, grounded in strong wellness policies. Beginning on April 17, school leaders, community members, and parents can visit to download resources, read success stories, and learn how they can support and advance … Read more

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SA! Change Pop-Up Concessions Promote Healthy Plant-based Options

United States

Getting students eager to try new plant-based foods is not always an easy feat. Yet, when healthy options look appetizing and promote vegetarian dishes in a new way, student’s curiosity grows. The University of Pittsburgh culinary team collaborated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS),  in a two-day workshop. They learned new skills and recipes … Read more

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SA! Change San Antonio Launches New Nutrition Education Campaign

Latino Health Viva Nutrition

Bexar County, Texas

People care deeply about health; however, with so many complicated messages from health experts and contradicting messages from food manufacturers, as well as lack of access to affordable healthy food, it can be very difficult for families to make truly healthy choices. Latinos, in particular, face additional barriers to access healthy food, thus face higher rates … Read more

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SA! Resource How Can Businesses Impact the Obesity Problem?

Childhood obesity is a serious public health concern in the United States. About 12.7 million children and adolescents aged 2–19 years, or 17 percent of the population, have obesity. For minorities, the statistics are even more troubling. Nearly 40% of Latino children are overweight or obese (higher rates than both white and black children), placing … Read more

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SA! Change Joint Call to Action to Promote Healthy Communities

Latino health walking community active living design safe routes complete streets

United States

The way our communities are designed and built can either support or hinder health. This includes sidewalks, bike lanes, public transportation, housing, schools, parks, employment centers, etc. Everyone deserves healthy communities with safe routes to where we live, learn, work, play, and pray, as well as safe routes to healthy food. The American Public Health Association (APHA) … Read more

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SA! Resource New Study Shows How Videos on Healthy Shopping Can Be Influential

Looking to make an impact on California Latina’s grocery store shopping habits, researchers looked at how watching videos on healthy purchases could help encourage healthier shopping habits among Latina’s. As studied by previous researchers, interventions that are focused solely on providing access to healthier foods for underserved people is not sufficient in helping them to … Read more

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SA! Resource New Grant Opportunity Through Aetna for Healthy Communities

A new grant opportunity through the Atena Foundation’s 2017 Cultivating Healthy Communities grant is open, offering up to $2 million in grants to organizations that increase opportunities for low-income, minority communities to make healthy choices in the places they live, work, learn, and play. Grant requests can range between $50,000 and $100,000 for projects that span … Read more

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SA! Change New Grocery Store in Ohio Helps Increase Healthy Food Access

Vinton County, Ohio

In Vinton County, Ohio a new grocery store is helping to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables, where there once was a food desert, with little to no access to healthy foods, only processed foods. “We have to take people shopping because there’s no place to shop. To pick up an average client in … Read more

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