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In many Latino neighborhoods, fast food and corner stores often outnumber and are used more than supermarkets and farmers’ markets, resulting in inadequate consumption of healthy foods and overconsumption of unhealthy foods—part of the reason Latino kids are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers.

How can healthy foods and drinks be the available, affordable, and desired choice?

Healthy food financing initiatives can boost access to healthy, affordable foods by offering supermarkets and farmers’ markets certain incentives to locate in underserved areas.

Government financing initiatives also encourage existing corner stores to expand their inventory of healthy, affordable foods. Separate programs use food vouchers by low-income consumers shopping at farmers’ markets.

Also, more marketing of healthy foods, and less of junk foods, can help spur desirability.

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Better Food in Neighborhoods: What‘s New?

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SA! Resource Pacific Island Nations Kick Junk Food Off the Island

With obesity rates rising for the Pacific Island Nations, islands like remote pacific island nation Vanuatu is planning to outlaw imported food throughout all the 12 inhabited islands. The plan is to keep government functions and tourist establishments free from junk food, and instead offer up healthy organic local foods like coconut, lobsters and more. … Read more

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SA! Change Old Storage Room Gets Revamped Into A Garden in an Oklahoma High School

Rush Springs Public Schools, Oklahoma

Gardens in schools are now becoming commonplace, as more and more schools see the benefits that gardens bring. Having a garden on campus not only opens up students learning to plant healthy foods but also encourages students to learn how to use science and math in gardens and may be used towards creating healthy eating … Read more

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SA! Resource How to Help Picky Eaters Enjoy Veggies!

As many parents know, and research shows, US kids are not getting enough vegetables into their diets. Although there are many ways to hide greens into kids’ diets, experts suggest to keep them in plain view on the plate. According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 93% … Read more

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SA! Change Public Schools Get Free Fresh Salad Bars

Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma City, students at two local public schools are enjoying free salad bars donated by Dole Food Company and Homeland Stores as part of an initiative by the United Fresh Start Foundation to increase healthy options for students in school. “Healthy eating options are key for a healthy lifestyle, and that’s a high priority for … Read more

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SA! Change NY Governor Pledges $1.4 Billion to “Fight Poor Health & Poverty”

New York, New York

On Thursday, March 9, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to address “persistent problems of poverty, violence, and poor health” in the borough of Brooklyn (28.92% Latino population). The eight-pronged plan hopes to incorporate holistic approaches to address these concerning issues. The initiative, entitled Vital Brooklyn, looked to poor resources several economically struggling … Read more

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SA! Resource Nutrition Month Awareness Movement

National Nutrition Month is all about getting the word out about making the healthy choice the easy choice for all and what better way to do that than to find out how to support all to have healthy food choice options. The American Heart Association (AHA) is working to bring awareness to the Texas Capitol … Read more

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SA! Change One Healthy Checkout Lane Leads to 10


Success for Northgate Gonzalez markets in Southern California all comes down to its healthy marketing tactics. Since their Viva la Salud, they have been working in their stores to create healthy marketing and a comprehensive wellness program to entice shoppers to choose fresh fruits and vegetables and healthier products. Back in 2016,  LA parents saw … Read more

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SA! Resource New Report Cites Best/Worst States to Live

Family walking sidewalk neighborhood in

It is a known fact that one of the most important social determinants of health is where you live. More and more local and state governments are realizing how important environment is to overall health and well-being. For Latinos, where they live is often leads to unavoidable health disparities due to lack of access to … Read more

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SA! Resource Salud America! Gets $1.5M to Develop Culturally Tailored Content to Fuel Healthy Changes that Reduce Latino Childhood Obesity

Salud America! The RWJF Research Network to Prevent Obesity Among Latino Children has received a one-year, $1.5 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to develop culturally tailored educational content and tools that empower people to work for policy changes to help Latino children grow up healthy. Salud America!, established in 2007 and … Read more

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SA! Resource Improving Healthier Food Prices Increases Healthy Food Supply & Demand

A new study looking at 24 corner stores in disadvantaged neighborhoods and two wholesale stores in Baltimore City, Maryland were tested on the impact of how store-directed price discounts and communications strategies impact healthy food supply and demand. The study, published in Public Health Nutrition reported that stores that used healthy marketing and discounts on healthy … Read more

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Salud Hero Growing Gardens For Eastside Wellness

San Antonio, Texas

Stephen Lucke, a student at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) in San Antonio (63% Latino), took a nutrition class early on in college and learned that limited healthy food access can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity among low-income minorities. After helping develop gardens at UIW to grow fresh produce, Lucke went … Read more

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SA! Resource New Resource on Feeding Guidelines For Infants & Toddlers

New guidelines are out from Healthy Eating Research (HER) for Health Professionals on infant and toddler feeding. Evidence shows that the first 1,000 days or the period from conception to age two for children are critical in obesity prevention. Many Latino children often deal with unhealthy weights due to more consumption of sugary drinks, less … Read more

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