2016-2019 Springfield Community Health Improvement Plan

Health Priorities

Cardiovascular Disease


Lung Disease


Mental Health    

Strategy for Implementation Plan Development

Regional Health Needs Assessment

In early 2015, a variety of organizations across the Ozarks came together to better understand the health status, behaviors and needs of the populations they serve. Under the umbrella of the local Ozarks Health Commission (OHC), this first-time collaboration is the largest in the region with a footprint across four states—Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas—51 counties and four hospital systems.

The working group saw the value of using a systematic, data-driven assessment to inform decisions and guide efforts to improve community health and wellness on a regional level.  The priorities for each community emerged as a result of data and feedback collection from a variety of sources. These sources were combined and compared to develop community priorities which weighed morbidity, mortality and a variety of other factors.

Springfield Community Process for Determining Initiatives

As the Springfield Community Health Assessment concluded, leadership from the OHC and HLA capitalized on the opportunity to create improved coordination and priority alignment. HLA became the natural fit to lead the community process to improve community health to prevent and reduce Cardiovascular Disease, Lung Disease, and Mental Health.

The Healthy Living Alliance (HLA) is coordinating the implementation of the upstream, communitywide strategies. HLA is a multisectoral collaborative focused on improving community health through systems and policy change. HLA includes an Advisory Council that provides overall direction and guidance to its committees and community partners. The Advisory Council has leadership representation from the following organizations: Greene County Commission, Jordan Valley Community Health Center, City of Springfield, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, People Centric Consulting, CoxHealth, Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Ozarks Regional YMCA, Springfield-Greene County Health Department, Mercy, Springfield Public Schools, United Way of the Ozarks, Bass Pro Shops, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Ollis and Company, KY3, The Kitchen, Inc., Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, Fox Grape Family Dentistry, Missouri State University, Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, Burrell Behavioral Health, and 835 Consulting. In addition, HLA has formed several committees and currently include: Business, Tobacco, Marketing and System Planning.

Progress Measures: Community Health Priorities

Cardiovascular Disease

Lung Disease

Mental Health

Community Health Improvement Plan

The common threads addressed in the HLA-Coordinated CHIP are: Tobacco, Mental Health, Access to Appropriate Care, Social Determinants of Health, and Physical Activity and Nutrition through Active Living and Healthy Living initiatives.

Healthy Living Alliance-Coordinated Initiatives

Access to Appropriate Care Social Determinants of Health Tobacco Use Mental Health Active Living & Healthy Eating
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Advocate for Transformation of Missouri Medicaid

Develop Referral System to Appropriate Care

Improve Pathways for Healthcare Careers

Increase GO CAPS Medicine and Health Care Track

Reduce Poverty and Improve Quality of Life in Council Zone 1

Move Families Out of Poverty through the Northwest Project

Create Comprehensive Case Management Program

Engage and Participate in Efforts to Create Smokefree Laws in Missouri

Gain Local Control of Tobacco Taxing Authority

Expand Communities with Smokefree Ordinances

Expand Tobacco 21

Understand the Feasibility of Smokefree Housing

Expand Businesses with Improved Tobacco Control

Complete a Mental Health Assessment

Implement Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Adopt a Growth Management and

Land Use Plan that Includes Health Considerations

Adopt an Active Transportation Plan

Create Healthy Workplaces through Wellness

Increase Access to Playspaces

Reduce Food Insecurity

Improve Access to Healthy Food

Strengthen Farm to School Initiative

For more information: 2016 Springfield Community Health Improvement Plan

See Ozarks Health Commission for the full Regional Health Assessment and the individual Community Assessments.