Natural Environment

natural-environmentSpringfield continues to be recognized for its clean, accessible natural environment- rivers, lakes and streams accommodate boating, fishing and swimming.

An abundance of close-in hiking and biking areas welcome residents and visitors. Citizens have long recognized the economic, human health, and recreational benefits of a healthy natural environment. Faced with the potentially very expensive “perfect storm” of costs associated with aging infrastructure, increasing environmental regulations and unmet infrastructure needs, the community faces its single most expensive challenge – an estimated $1.6 billion price tag, which must be balanced with other staggering needs of our community.


Innovative integrated planning
Local food movement
Water quality
Air quality
Community awareness and response wastewater (sewage) funding
The LINK/Trails
Cooperative youth environmental/conservation education
Urban forest protection

Fiscal impact
Air quality pollution levels and uncertainty of future regulation
Stormwater management funding
Drinking water supply

The following indicators have been identified as instrumental to the Red Flags and Blue Ribbons listed in this section of the 2015 Community Focus Report. Click on an indicator to learn more about the topic.

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