Business & Economic Conditions


A strong economy is critical to so many areas of community life.

Not only do healthy businesses spend money in the local economy, but they put people to work, and these workers can buy houses, cars, and strive to provide themselves and their families with a higher quality of life. Additionally, all levels of government depend on this spending cycle to generate tax revenue to fund vital public services like transportation systems, infrastructure, schools, public safety and other community programs. Often, the business community is a leader in addressing important local issues, such as strong governance, diversity, sustainability, poverty, and civic engagement. When businesses are strong, the community is strong.



Steady economic growth
Resurgence of development
Higher education and talent development
Entrepreneurial culture
Low cost of living

Talent pipeline
Funding for education and training programs
Fragile support for economic development
Income and wages
Impact of poverty

The following indicators have been identified as instrumental to the Red Flags and Blue Ribbons listed in this section of the 2015 Community Focus Report. Click on an indicator to learn more about the topic.

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