Arts & Culture


Thanks to the 11 colleges and universities that call Springfield home, the city sits on significant talent pipeline that consists of an educated, diverse workforce.

However, U.S. Census Bureau data shows a majority of these college students are moving out of Springfield after graduation. Community leaders and college professors have looked into what motivates students to stay in the area, and the majority of them cite the community as the leading factor for retention. Millennials crave strong ties on the community and diverse options – making the arts one of the key players in retention.

With a multitude of arts programs and organizations, numerous festivals and events, and educational activities for all, the arts community is arguably one of the best in the region. Encouraging placemaking activities and development of the creative industries leads to more retained graduates. This results in a vibrant and dynamic community, a key selling point to businesses and individuals looking to relocate to Springfield.


Arts education efforts
Collaboration and partnerships
Public art

Capacity building
Timeline cultural data
Lack of sustainable funding

The following indicators have been identified as instrumental to the Red Flags and Blue Ribbons listed in this section of the 2015 Community Focus Report. Click on an indicator to learn more about the topic.

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