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The Community Health Improvement (CHI) Hub gives change makers the tools and connections to take action for creating healthier and more vibrant communities. Customizable indicator reports, mapping tools, leading strategies, case examples and work plan templates are easily accessed, saved and shared— accelerating progress and providing ongoing support to the work of coalitions everywhere.

The Community Health Improvement cycle is a journey of many starts, stops and opportunities to adapt through learning. This Community Health Improvement (CHI) Hub was created to support and strengthen your ability to take action.
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Community Health Improvement (CHI) Action Cycle

Adapted by CDC from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Action Cycle


The CHI Action Cycle provides a visual pathway for your journey. Each phase of the cycle has been paired with key resources and recommended tools. You’ll have an opportunity to check-in, gather foundational information, and take action to support your next steps.

Seven Guiding Principles for Community Health Improvement

The CHI Action Cycle is rooted in seven guiding principles offered in the seminal document Principles to Consider for the Implementation of Community Health Needs Assessment Process.

Seven CHI Principles:

  1. Multi-sector collaborations that support shared ownership of all CHI phases, including assessment, planning, investment, implementation, and evaluation
  2. Proactive, broad, and diverse community engagement to improve results
  3. Shared definition of community that encompasses both a significant enough area to allow for population-wide interventions and priority areas to address disparities among subpopulations
  4. Transparent processes to improve community engagement and accountability
  5. Use of evidence-based strategies and encouragement of innovative practices through evaluation
  6. Evaluation to inform continuous improvement processes
  7. Use of high-quality data pooled from and shared among diverse public and private sources

Community Health Improvement Action Cycle



Begin where you are— whether that’s organizing a new coalition, assessing need, or acting on what your community has said is important. The CHI Hub resources and tools will support your efforts to create healthier communities for all.

Take Action

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Partnering for Improvement

Leveraging the CHI Hub

What’s in it for me?

Read examples of how a variety of organizations and individuals are using the CHI Hub tools and resources to strengthen their community health
improvement processes.

Health Sector

university-of-arizona-739564_1280I’m a hospital community benefit manager and the Hub provides me with easy to find data and information that I can use to focus on communities where disparities are concentrated, leverage our resources through partnership with other stakeholders, and apply a quality improvement approach to assessment, community engagement, and program design. It also helps make the case that we share ownership for improving health with a broad spectrum of local stakeholders.


unitedway grpI’m the executive director of the local United Way and the Hub helps us more strategically focus and align our programming with other key stakeholders in the health, education, and economic sectors. As a convener of community health assessments (CHNAs) for local hospitals, the Hub helps us accelerate and inform the data collection processand enables us to connect with other organizations conducting CHNAs.

Community-Based Organizations

church-5783I’m the pastor of a local congregation and the Hub helps us identify, educate, and mobilize our members around the priorities and programs of a variety of organizations. We can serve as entry points and resources to expand the reach and effectiveness of programs and servicesand to strengthen support systems that reduce the demand for external assistance.


town bikes-0533I’m the executive director of a community advocacy organization that focuses on social equity and the Hub provides us with a wealth of tools and information to better understand and productively engage hospitals and other anchor institutions as problem solving partners.

Community Development Sector

Denver city park-0101I’m the executive director of a neighborhood community development corporation and the Hub builds understanding that we are an important part of improving health in our community and helps us to link with the health sector to better leverage our current and future investments.



river city-1153I’m the director of the local business association and the tools in the Hub help me use a health frame in the engagement of local municipal leadership for more targeted uses of public sector resources in areas such as youth job skills training and small business development.



cincinnati-3750I’m the director of the local community development financial institution and the Hub helps me identify and support geographic targeting of health sector programs, services, and interventions in CRA-designated census tracts. This will help build momentum and support among financial institutions for targeted investments in affordable housing, healthy food business, child development centers, and related community revitalization strategies.



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This Hub is a collaborative project with significant contribution from IP3, CARES, CDC’s Division of Community Health, Public Health Institute, ICF International and the National Network of Public Health Institutes.