In 2014, the National Science Foundation awarded multiple agencies throughout the state of Missouri with grant funds for the Missouri Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR).  This program and accompanying grant funds are meant to encourage and stimulate collaboration in scientific research across disciplines.  The NSF awarded funding to five research teams:  Climate, Plants, Community, Education and Outreach, and Cyberinfrastructure.  More information about the Missouri EPSCoR can be found here:  missouriepscor.org

The Institute of Public Policy (IPP), a member of the Community Team, contracted with the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES) to research regional resiliency to natural and man-made disasters. In the first two years of the grant, the Institute and CARES  developed a Resilience and Vulnerability County Level Indexes Methodology, an interactive reporting and mapping tool that works in conjunction with the Indexes, and a Discussion Guide with accompanying Moderator’s Guide for regional and community planners.  These tools are intended to be used together to help leaders prioritize, address and build resilience in existing regional and community level systems.

The tabs above are organized with the tools and supporting research, as well as additional information about the EPSCoR project and Community Team members.  The Resilience Toolkit Instructions provide step-by-step assistance to orient new users to the Hub and Resilience Toolkit.  For further questions regarding any of the tools, please contact Zach Buckler:  BucklerZ@missouri.edu .


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Enhancing Missouri’s capacity to model and respond to the effects of climate on plants and communities at a local scale. EPSCoR research and educational programs will improve science and engineering capabilities that will benefit urban and rural Missourians from all regions and all economic levels

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