The Food Market Evaluation Tool

The purpose of this tool is to provide you with a summary of important information regarding food markets. After pinning the location of your farming operation, data will be generated about the surrounding area.

In particular, a food market evaluation report will share statistics such as population, demographics, number of farmers markets and nearby competitors for the specific location that’s selected. Keep in mind that this tool provides information only on nearby locations — at most, those within 100 miles — and towns or cities that have populations greater than 2,500 people.

Note that this tool provides numbers and statistics, not specifics and details. The information provided is meant to give you an idea of what market opportunities are available and where they are located.

For additional information that can help your operation develop an approach to marketing, review the Alternative Agriculture Marketing Guide. It explains market channels available to farms, shares key considerations involved in marketing alternative agriculture products and links to more resources that may be helpful in designing and executing a farm marketing plan.

The Agriculture Opportunities in Missouri hub serves as a resource to help Missouri producers learn about alternative agriculture opportunities that are available and assess these opportunities based on a given producer’s local market opportunities, level of expertise, available agronomic and machinery resources and financial position.
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