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We're Back!

You have our utmost gratitude and respect for sticking with us during this roller coaster of a year. Through the ups and downs, please know that we always have your needs and interests at heart. The decision to have two major launches in one year was not made lightly, and the huge amount of work we undertook to make this happen was truly based on your feedback

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey over the past six months, you’ll remember the “Dog Mural”, a living mural in Covington, KY that is considered one of the first in the country to combine public art and vertical green space.This mural and the community behind it inspired us to keep pushing forward and refine the Commons to be the go-to resource for those driving change in their communities.

We now know that what's most helpful for you is not always constant: as your communities change, along with the data and technology environment, your needs change. Just as the living mural will literally grow and evolve as its community evolves, we’ll make sure the Commons continues to adjust to meet your needs.

As a Northern Kentucky Tribune article put it, “Murals are often used to transform blank walls into giant art canvases that beautify the community and ignite public engagement.” Our hope is that Community Commons can do that for you. 

We’ve said it before -- and proven -- the Commons is not a one-and-done project. As we learn how you use this site, what resources, tools, and features you value, and what kind of stories inspire you, we’ll continue to take feedback and improve the Commons. It will always be a living space to encourage learning and connection among change-makers, and we will always be here to support your needs. 

Please explore what we’ve been working on, and as always, let us know what we can do to improve the Commons for you.