Share a story of creating health, well-being & equity in your community!

In this form, we invite 100 Million Healthier Lives (100MLives) members and partners to share stories as part of our work to learn “whose lives got better because we were here," together, as part of this movement.

You will use this form to build your story in three main sections:

  1. Background: Provide background on your community and participation in 100MLives
  2. Journey: Tell the story of your community's journey
  3. Outcomes and Lessons Learned: Recount outcomes and lessons learned along the way

You can add media (images, graphics, video, data visualizations) to your story with the link given at the bottom of the page (Google account required).

Information shared via this form will be published as a story on Community Commons and shared as part of the 100MLives Lives Improved Campaign. If you encounter any technical challenges or have questions, please email [email protected].

Add Media to Your Story

Click here to add media to your story, including images and graphics, video and data visualizations (Google account required). If you do not have a Google account or have other questions regarding this form, please email [email protected].