Strengthen Community Health Planning

The Community Commons site exists to support the advancement of healthy, sustainable and equitable communities. By leveraging the reports, maps and tools available on the site, you can strengthen your planning and grant applications to help improve community outcomes.

Using our Vulnerable Populations Footprint tool as a backdrop, you can now visualize the areas of your community that are experiencing low education and high poverty, and then select very specific areas of your community as your Target Intervention Area. Additional emphasis in these areas can advance health equity and improve health outcomes overall.

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Take the following steps to define and describe your target community:

  • Step 1: Select your target geography for intervention and publish a demographic report of those to be served using the Target Intervention Area Tool.
  • Step 2: Explore conditions impacting health in your selected communities by using the data map layers provided.
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Step 1: Select Your Target Intervention Area

Map of Kansas City

Target Intervention Area Tool

How to Use This Tool

Find step-by-step guides on how to use the Target Intervention Area Tool

Tutorial Videos

Access training videos on selecting target intervention areas

Step 2: Explore Your Target Community More Broadly

Image of person walking on the shoulder of a road

Visualize the conditions impacting health

How to Use Provided Map Layers

Review and print an overview and step-by-step guide for mapping community conditions

Social Determinants

Map housing and transportation data for your target community

Active Living

Map parks and walkability data for your target community

Healthy Eating

Map food access data for your target community

Community Health Needs Reports and Additional Resources

Maps of community needs in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Reporting community needs

Community Health Needs Reports

Create a data report for your target intervention area

Effective Intervention Strategies

Explore intervention strategies

Map Additional Community Conditions

Map your target intervention area with additional community data.


Access training videos and step-by-step guides on using Community Commons mapping and reporting tools

Resources for Funding Opportunities

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Resource Links

Open Proposals

View open calls for proposals


Access frequently asked questions about the grant support tools and process

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