What type of citation should I use when using Community Commons maps or reports outside the Commons?

While the website was established in 2012, we only ask you cite the date you pulled information from the Commons. If using our maps or reports, do not remove any logos that may be on them and please cite as follows:

“Courtesy: Community Commons, <www.communitycommons.org>, date_retrieved”

APA format would look more like this:

<map or report title>. Community Commons (2012). Date Retrieved, Website URL


Map of Local Food Deserts, Location, USA. Community Commons (2012). Retrieved March 18, 2015, from www.communitycommons.org

Additionally, you will find the metadata and citation information for the data sources themselves within the info area of the maps and in the footnotes of the report pages. This will be important for citing where the data came from. Keep in mind that the majority of the data in Community Commons maps and reports has been repackaged or re-analyzed based on our small area estimate methodology, so there is no need to cite the original source.