I can’t remember my password (or username).

Lost password screen showing input Start by visiting the lost password screen and inputting either your username or your email address.
A successful submission on the lost password screen.
Upon clicking the “Get New Password” button, if your account information was found successfully, a message will appear telling you to check your email for further instructions.
The password reset email contains a unique link that will allow you to reset your password once.
Check the email account associated with your account, and you should see a message that includes a confirmation link. (If it doesn’t arrive, be sure to check your spam message folder.)
Password reset form Click the confirmation link in the email and your browser will open the reset password screen. Change the password in the “New Password” box to what you’d like your new password to be and click “Reset Password” to confirm your new password. If the link in your email doesn’t appear to be working, it may be because your email client is changing the link slightly. In this case, copy the text of the link in your message and paste it into your browser’s location bar. (Some email clients, notably Outlook, strip information from URLs in emails. :\ )