How should I use the CHNA Report Tool?

We recommend that you begin with the vulnerable populations footprint tool. This will allow you to zoom to your community and identify areas where the highest percentage of individuals living in poverty and without a high school diploma are located. You can generate a Footprint Report summarizing the demographics for those areas of greatest disparity.

Next, we recommend that you run a Core Health Indicators Report for your county or counties. This report will summarize key health indicators in your region. You can explore the maps embedded within the report by clicking on them. Many of the indicators can be mapped at the sub-county level. You can download your Core Health Indicators Report into a PDF or Word document.

If you are ready to explore more indicators you can then run a Full Health Indicators Report. This is a very large and comprehensive report. Like the Core Health Indicators Report you can click on the maps to expand and interact with them, even adding more data. This report includes over 80 indicators and can be saved as PDF or Word.

Don’t forget to explore other areas of the toolkit such as the Health Indicators Map Gallery, and the other types of reports such as the Leading Health Indicators Report to see how your area stacks up against the HP2020 benchmarks.

Finally, explore the Resources page and the action examples to move from assessment to action.