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How should I use the CHNA Report Tool?

We recommend that you begin with the vulnerable populations footprint tool. This will allow you to zoom to your community and identify areas where the highest percentage of individuals living in poverty and without a high school diploma are located. You can generate a Footprint Report summarizing the demographics for those areas of greatest disparity.

Next, we recommend that you run a Core Health Indicators Report for your county or counties. This report will summarize key health indicators in your region. You can explore the maps embedded within the report by clicking on them. Many of the indicators can be mapped at the sub-county level. You can download your Core Health Indicators Report into a PDF or Word document.

If you are ready to explore more indicators you can then run a Full Health Indicators Report. This is a very large and comprehensive report. Like the Core Health Indicators Report you can click on the maps to expand and interact with them, even adding more data. This report includes over 80 indicators and can be saved as PDF or Word.

Don’t forget to explore other areas of the toolkit such as the Health Indicators Map Gallery, and the other types of reports such as the Leading Health Indicators Report to see how your area stacks up against the HP2020 benchmarks.

Finally, explore the Resources page and the action examples to move from assessment to action.


How can I upload my own data into the Commons mapping tool?

If you are a moderator or administrator of one of our Collaborative Group Spaces you should see an Upload Data tab in the Add Data menu when making a map. If you are not an Admin or Moderator of your group and you’d like to upload data, please contact your group Admin for permission.


We do not currently offer individual subscriptions to upload data. We’re looking into this possibility and will make an announcement through our newsletter when that feature is available.

If you are interested in creating a group space on the Commons for your collaborative or organization, contact us for subscription information.

Can I import local data into the CHNA Report tool?

The CHNA platform does not allow users to upload local data at this time. The purpose of this public report is to provide a common set of national indicators for service areas across the country, addressing that there is variation in the size, shape, and data availability across regions. We do recognize the value of local data for currency and specificity, and encourage users to export their reports in Microsoft WORD format. A WORD report allows you to edit the common indicator report in any way you choose, including the addition of charts and figures from local data.

Many organizations have partnered with us to create a custom report tool highlighting their unique or local data. If you are interested in creating a customized CHNA report tool for your region or organization, contact us.


Is there a complete list of all the data available to map in Community Commons?

Yes! Check out our complete mapping data list here.

You can also view our data updates here.

And view our complete list of report data here.

Are we missing something? Let us know.

How can I find out where a dataset comes from or how recent it is?

Clicking the Info buttons when browsing data layers will open up a window with the source and date for the data you are viewing. See something out of date? Let us know.

When browsing for data layers, what do the colored stars indicate?

The colored stars provide at-a-glance information about the source of the data layer so you can make the best decision about which data best fit your needs. There are three different data assurance levels:


What is Community Commons?

Community Commons is an interactive mapping, networking, and learning platform for the broad-based healthy, sustainable, and livable communities’ movement. Learn more about the Commons here.

Why should I register for Community Commons?

There’s a lot you can do on the Commons without creating an account. But there’s even more that opens up when you create a free, instant registration. As a registered member of the Commons you can join the conversation by commenting on features that interest you! You can also use the mapping and reporting tools to explore data in your community. When you register, we encourage you to check the box to receive our newsletter. It comes twice a month and will update you on the new features, data, tools, and upcoming training opportunities. Convinced? Register now!

I can’t remember my password (or username).

Lost password screen showing input Start by visiting the lost password screen and inputting either your username or your email address.
A successful submission on the lost password screen.
Upon clicking the “Get New Password” button, if your account information was found successfully, a message will appear telling you to check your email for further instructions.
The password reset email contains a unique link that will allow you to reset your password once.
Check the email account associated with your account, and you should see a message that includes a confirmation link. (If it doesn’t arrive, be sure to check your spam message folder.)
Password reset form Click the confirmation link in the email and your browser will open the reset password screen. Change the password in the “New Password” box to what you’d like your new password to be and click “Reset Password” to confirm your new password. If the link in your email doesn’t appear to be working, it may be because your email client is changing the link slightly. In this case, copy the text of the link in your message and paste it into your browser’s location bar. (Some email clients, notably Outlook, strip information from URLs in emails. :\ )

How can I edit my Community Commons profile?

You can edit your profile by clicking the person icon in the upper-right of each page.


There you can select the Profile tab and then Edit.

edit profile2



Can I share a map I’ve made outside of the Commons?

You can easily share your map by altering the privacy settings when saving. Selecting “Public” allows anyone to view your map through the map gallery. Saving to a Hub allows you to share you map with members of specific Hubs. You can also email a link to your map or embed it in a website by selecting the “Share” option on the upper right hand side of your map.



How do I add a picture to my member profile?

Click on the person icon in the black bar at the top right of your screen.


Then click the Profile tab. Below that tab you will see a link that says “Change Profile Photo”.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.05.32 PM

You can then browse your computer for an image you’d like to upload by clicking the “Choose File” button. Once you’ve selected an image click the “Upload Image” button to add it to your profile.

How can my story be highlighted on the Commons?

We love to feature change-makers on the Commons. Submit your idea for a story here, or contact us to become a guest voice on the Commons.

Still stuck? Contact us here