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The Future of Community Commons Looks a Lot Like Your Favorite Store

For the last seven years, Community Commons has learned what is needed to create positive change in communities, and has evolved alongside our users, discovering that there is so much more that we can do. That’s why the future of Community Commons means less emphasis on what we can provide, and more time spent lifting up the best of what’s already going on across the nation and helping you connect with it. We want to be the place you come to discover maps, tools, efforts, and ideas to power community change. Read more

In A Puerto Rican Mountain Town, Hope Ebbs And Health Suffers

The people of Castañer, an isolated village in Puerto Rico’s central mountains, watch warily. Crews have come and gone, and people living along the mountain roads don’t expect to get power until late summer, if ever. Power finally started flowing to the center of town last month, but the electrical grid remains unstable — an island-wide blackout April 18 disrupted progress — and the hospital continues to use its own generator. Read more

Virtual Seminars Provide Training & Dialogue on Building Healthy, Equitable Communities

Presenters and participants of a new virtual series will discuss how law and policy coupled with community power can catalyze new opportunities for everyone to achieve their full health potential. Roughly each month from April to October, a new episode will be released, highlighting one sector of policy that has important implications for children and families, communities, and health equity. Read more

The Institute for People, Place, and Possibility

If you’ve read one of these blog posts, attended a webinar about Community Commons, submitted a support ticket, or opened the newsletter, you’ve interacted with our team at Institute for People, Place, and Possibility – or for short, IP3. Since the inception of Community Commons, there have been a handful of dedicated players working behind the scenes to provide and integrate data, tools, and stories that inspire change and improve communities. One of those integral partners, and co-founding organization, is IP3.

Read more

Continuing Together for the Common Good

Big changes to the Commons are on the horizon, updates to some of our most utilized tools alongside the introduction of new and innovative approaches to community change. But you can be sure that the goal of Community Commons remains the same: we will be the place where data, tools, and stories come together to inspire change and improve communities. Read more

Living in an Immigrant Family in America

Immigration policy has been and continues to be a controversial topic in the U.S. Over the course of the election and since taking office, President Trump has intensified national debate about immigration as he has implemented policies to enhance immigration enforcement and restrict the entry of immigrants from selected countries the Administration believes may pose a threat to the country. Read more