Archived Webinars and Training Opportunities

View upcoming and past webinars conducted by the Community Commons training team to help you get a sense of how data tools can used in partnership with community context for case-making.

Advancing Equitable Food Environments: 2017 ESHE Update

Exploring Community Assessment, Map-Making, and Storytelling

County Health Rankings: Updates and Use Cases

Using the 500 Cities Measures on Community Commons

Finding the Right Data – Understanding Data Geography and Filters

Introduction to Mapping and Reporting on Community Commons

Partnership Spotlight: Salud America! New Report Card for Healthy Change

Growing Your Case: Food Data & Resources on Community Commons

Learn about the new Location Opportunity Footprint Tool (LOFT)

Partnership Spotlight: Salud America! and Tools for Healthy Change

Webinar: Taking Your CHNA to the Next Level

Webinar: Using Maps to Support Storytelling

Webinar: AgSite Assessment Tool

Webinar: How to use Query Tools on Community Commons

Webinar: Exploring the Intersection of Poverty and Education

Webinar: Using Networking Tools on Community Commons

Webinar: Creating Custom Areas for a CHNA Report

Webinar: ESHE Benchmarks for Food Environments

Webinar: Children in Poverty Data

Webinar: Community Health Needs Assessments – CHNA’s

Webinar: Prioritizing Vulnerable Populations & Gathering Secondary Data

Rural Matters Webinar Series: Making the Case for Policy Change

Rural Matters Webinar Series: Enhancing Your Funding Proposals

Rural Matters Webinar: Assessing a Rural Community Series

Webinar: Maximizing Outreach – Tools to Support ACA Enrollment Efforts

Webinar: Health Improvement Planning for REACH Populations

Webinar: Planning for Grant Funding – CDC Funding Opportunities

Webinar: Community Health Improvement Planning

Webinar: Community-Based Prevention

Webinar: A Nonprofit Resource for Case-Making

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