Continuing Together for the Common Good

We all take risks.

From not backing up our hard drives, trusting the yogurt that is a few days past expiration, and meeting someone face to face after months of talking online, to trusting our gut and moving across the country, filing the paperwork to start a small business, and deciding to run for office to make change.

Here at Community Commons we’re no different. We are constantly looking for ways – both big and small – to impact the world around us.

Big changes to the Commons are on the horizon, updates to some of our most utilized tools alongside the introduction of new and innovative approaches to community change. But you can be sure that the goal of Community Commons remains the same: we will be the place where data, tools, and stories come together to inspire change and improve communities. All of us, together, for the common good.

We’re excited for the opportunity to show you around the new Community Commons beginning July 2018. Thanks for joining us on this journey.



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