137 Things You Can Learn About Your Community in Just 3 Clicks

Do you have a few minutes to spare? Take a little time to learn more about your community by using the Community Commons report tool. While the report tool was first designed to support those doing Community Health Needs Assessments, or CHNAs, it has evolved to be a useful tool for anyone wanting to understand their community.

Over 5,000 reports are created each month on Community Commons. Our members tell us they use these reports for assessment, case-making, advocacy, grant applications, presentations and much more. Whatever your reason, we hope you’ll find this tool helpful. We’d love to hear from you about how you use these reports. But first, let us show you how to create one handy report with 137 different indicators in just 3 clicks of the mouse.


The Maps & Data tab in the above black bar will bring you to the page below. Click on the Build a Report option to open up the report interface. From there, choose your state.

Click #1

You will then be prompted to choose your county or a set of counties and click View Report.

Click 2 & 3

One hundred and thirty seven indicators are now at your fingertips.

Notice the six data categories across the top with topics covering Demographics, Social & Economic Factors, Physical Environment, Clinical Care, Health Behaviors, and Health Outcomes. Within each of those data categories are over twenty different data indicators. In the example below you can see there are many different demographic indicators including population by age, language proficiency, and disability.
Data Categories

Within each of the data indicators you will find the data broken out by age, race, gender, and ethnicity wherever possible.


As you can see, the data are presented several ways. You can view the information as a table, a chart, a data gauge, a map, or even download the data to view and work with in a spreadsheet such as Excel.



Click on any of the maps to view a larger interactive map and add additional indicators from the Community Commons database.

You can save reports you’ve created to your profile on Community Commons, or download as a PDF or Word document.

For more help navigating the report check out this guidebook for videos, printable how-to guides, and FAQs.

We’d love to hear about your experience with the report. Contact us anytime and let us know how you’ve used this tool and others on Community Commons.


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