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We’re glad you’re here and excited to show you the great tools you can use on Community Commons to help with your healthy, equitable, and sustainable community work. Click on any box to view a specific topic or scroll down to get an overview.

Get inspired

Watch a quick overview video of what Community Commons is all about. Go to our homepage to see the latest featured stories and strategies or visit the blog to search for specific topics that interest you. All of our features illustrate how you can use the Commons tools to bring these changes to your own community.

Our main topics are organized into six Channels that capture the breadth and depth of community issues by highlighting stories, maps, and data that speak to the topic. We encourage you to explore Channels from our top navigation bar.

Economy channel

The Map Gallery is a great place to browse and open maps created by users of the Commons. These are just a few examples of the over 2,000 maps already saved and shared.

rural head startsportland diversity map

ccMapExport (95)ccMapExport (13)

Visit the Map Gallery

Make the Commons yours

Your user profile is the perfect place to keep track of all the things that make the Commons useful for you.

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Don’t forget to add a profile photo and a little information about yourself to really make this a community. View all of your activity, make connections with others, keep tabs on your favorite Hubs and organize your library of maps, reports, and documents.

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Access support

Each of our Guidebooks has short tutorial videos and printable How-To resources to help you complete your work quickly. We also offer a regular schedule of 19-Minute training webinars that you can attend. If you still encounter trouble you can always contact us and one of our support specialist will get back to you soon.

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Contact Us Visit Support

Explore our Hubs

Hubs are fee-based customized areas on Community Commons that provide a branded space for organizations, networks, or coalitions to highlight place-based work or activities. A Hub may include collaboration tools, data integration capabilities, and the ability to generate and share stories with a broader audience. Explore some of our public Hubs like Salud America!, Women’s Foundation, and the ESHI Index.

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Explore Hubs

Make a map

When you visit our Map Room, it takes just a few clicks and you’re on your way to looking at visual data in your community. It’s as easy as entering a key word or browsing by topic or source. You can also see our full data list. Once you’ve made a map, you can save it privately to your profile or save and share it with your collaborators and other Commons users.

maps boxes

Make a map

Reporting and the CHNA

Simply input your state and county, or multiple counties, and a Community Health Needs Assessment report automatically generates for you. You can customize the report, save it for later, and even download all the data and visualizations to put in your own documents or presentations.

Each Channel has it’s own topic based report, such as an Economy Report and a Food Report, and several organizations that have Hubs on the Commons have reporting tools that all are welcome to use like the Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (CCNA) Tool and the Women’s Foundation Report.

Create a report

Vulnerable Populations

Researchers have identified that educational attainment and poverty are two factors that can have significant influence when it comes to health. When organizations focus their work on improving these two disparities, health outcomes can improve for everyone. Our Vulnerable Populations Footprint tool (VPF) helps identify areas of a community with specific levels of educational attainment and poverty.

VPF shot

Learn more about the VPF Tool Use the VPF Tool

Changemakers Wanted

At Community Commons, we believe that a nation full of healthy, thriving communities is closer than we all think; which is why we created the Commons — to bring change-makers together to connect with thought leaders and peers, share stories and strategies, and use the latest technology and tools to make lasting change.

Are you in? Register now It’s free, easy, and that’s how you get access to the full slate of tools.


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