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What Are the Links Between Housing and Health?

Your ZIP code is more important than your genetic code,” said David Erickson, director of the Center for Community Development Investments at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, at Thursday’s “Are Our Neighborhoods Making Us Sick?” webinar.

The event, hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, explored the links between public health and community development. More…

The 10 Emerging Sustainable Cities to Watch in 2012

Whether they benefit from visionary leaders, flourishing social enterprise, or commitment from community activists, the following 10 cities are well worth a visit to experience their transformation and resilience.
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Hunger and Obesity: Understanding a Food Insecurity Paradigm – Workshop Summary – Institute of Medicine

Researchers have long observed food insecurity— difficulty providing food for all one’s family members, known as hunger in its most severe form —and obesity occurring together in the same communities, families, and individuals.
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State Senator looks to amend Michigan Right to Farm Act, let Detroit regulate urban farming

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Democratic state Sen. Virgil Smith is preparing to introduce legislation later today that would exempt Detroit from a provision in the state’s Right to Farm Act that restricts municipalities from exercising regulatory authority over agriculture.
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