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Aquaponics: Something’s fishy in Baltimore backyards

The aquarium in the living room of Meir and Leah Lazar’s home isn’t just for decoration. The tilapia and bluegills packed into the 50-gallon glass tank are waiting their turn to wind up on dinner…
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DFW Truck Farm not your ordinary farm, or truck

The idea of driving a truck around with a farm on the back may
seem like a far-fetched idea, but not to Donelle Simmons and her
mother Marilyn of Waxahachie. (These girls are real go-getters!
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Boulder Belt Eco-Farm: Get your Learning On

Public Health Law and Policy Webinar http://www.phlpnet.org/php/products/healthier-food-sale-finding-funding. Healthier Food For Sale In this webinar, we discussed how to identify and leverage financing mechanisms to …
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Urban Farming Coming to Baltimore’s Food Deserts | Organic Connections

Baltimore’s Office of Sustainability is actively encouraging the creation of small entrepreneurial farms on vacant lots to bring more healthy fresh food to city residents.
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City moves toward community garden ordinance | Local Economy in Action

FT. LAUDERDALE: There’s no mention anywhere in any of Fort Lauderdale ‘s ordinances about planting and growing a vegetable garden in your backyard.
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