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Summer is here, and that means camp for kids to make new friends and try new things—but it also potentially means being exposed to unhealthy sugary drinks. Sign the Petition

How can you fight Latino childhood obesity in your area?

See how these Salud Heroes are fighting Latino obesity…and learn how easy it is to be a Salud Hero, too!

Obesity threatens the health of Latino kids.

Growing Healthy Change brings you healthy changes happening in your community right now, and shows how to start your own change.

Find new policies, stories, and research to reduce Latino childhood obesity—like unlocking playgrounds after school—in your city, school, county, state, and nation.

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How NYC Converted Dozens of Schoolyards Into Community Playgrounds

In 2007,  the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) became aware of a serious problem, the city … Read more

Healthier Kids’ Meals Bill Introduced in NYC

Food and beverage marketing, including toy giveaways, can influence children’s food preferences, food choices, diets, and health, and Latino kids … Read more

Houston Trail
Houston Develops Plans for Bike Interstates/Trails Along Utility Easements

The city of Houston (43.8% Latino) could soon have its own city-wide bike network, thanks to an agreement it entered … Read more

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