How can you fight Latino childhood obesity in your area?

See how these Salud Heroes are fighting Latino obesity…and learn how easy it is to be a Salud Hero, too!

Obesity threatens the health of Latino kids.

Growing Healthy Change brings you healthy changes happening in your community right now, and shows how to start your own change.

Find new policies, stories, and research to reduce Latino childhood obesity—like unlocking playgrounds after school—in your city, school, county, state, and nation.

Learn from our Salud Heroes how you can make a change, too.

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foodbank KSHAC
‘KSHACs’ Spread to Multiple Spring Branch ISD Schools in Texas

In April of 2012, students at Westwood elementary, an 80% Latino school in Houston, TX set out on a mission … Read more

Food Systems Group in Lansing Will Ask Neighbors’ Input on Food Policies

More than 16,000 people live in food deserts, low-income areas without close grocery store access, in Lansing and East Lansing, … Read more

PV 1
Healthy Food & Fitness Challenge Helps Prevent Obesity Among Latino Kids in the Pajaro Valley

At the Diabetes Health Center (DHC), a program of the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust, Latino children and their families … Read more

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