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In many Latino neighborhoods, fast food and corner stores often outnumber and are used more than supermarkets and farmers’ markets, resulting in inadequate consumption of healthy foods and overconsumption of unhealthy foods—part of the reason Latino kids are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers.

How can healthy foods and drinks be the available, affordable, and desired choice?

Healthy food financing initiatives can boost access to healthy, affordable foods by offering supermarkets and farmers’ markets certain incentives to locate in underserved areas.

Government financing initiatives also encourage existing corner stores to expand their inventory of healthy, affordable foods. Separate programs use food vouchers by low-income consumers shopping at farmers’ markets.

Also, more marketing of healthy foods, and less of junk foods, can help spur desirability.

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Better Food in Neighborhoods: What‘s New?

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Salud Hero Local RDN’s Promote Nutrition Through Popular Magazine

Maria Silva speaks with Director of Family Wellness Program, Yolanda Konopken. (Photo: Salud America)

Phoenix, Arizona

Many people have a favorite magazine that they enjoy reading, whether it is the latest celebrity news, world affairs, or sports stories; but what if there was a magazine that also offered nutritional advice, supplied healthy recipes, and disseminated the latest health information all in a way you could understand? That’s exactly what registered dietitians … Read more

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SA! Resource Looking for Healthy Snacks? Watch Out For Look-Alike Smart Snacks!

The study asks parents and kids if they can tell the difference between smart snacks packaging and regular packaging of foods. (Photo: UConn Rudd Center)

The UConn Rudd Center just released a study today in the Journal of Obesity, looking at how healthier snacks that are “smart-snack” approved, can change the attitude about the food brand and confuse parents and children when shopping for healthier snack options. The study examines how parents and children rated look-alike snacks in taste, healthfulness, … Read more

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SA! Change Changing Abandoned Buildings to Fresh Food Farms

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, center at podium, addresses a gathering at AeroFarms, a vertical farming operation in Newark, N.J.  (Mel Evans / AP)

Newark, New Jersey

Would the millions of children suffering from hunger and food insecurity in the United States be healthier, and have homes full of fresh produce if we started re-designing old abandoned buildings to new-tech farms? AeroFarms, co-founded by Marc Oshima and David Rosenberg, vertical farm entrepreneurs, hope to build a way to bring more farm fresh produce … Read more

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SA! Resource New Research: Lack of Access to Healthy Food Increases Risk of Heart Disease

Kids show off the fresh produce they selected at a grocery store.

Researchers in the Department of Public Health at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Mich. reveal that limited access to healthy food stores, walkable neighborhoods, and healthy social environments may set the stage for heart disease. In the study, researchers studied over 5,000 adults over a twelve year period, checking coronary artery calcium and amounts … Read more

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SA! Change Breaking: New Sugar Guidelines For Kids

Sugar Statement - Infographic - 08.16.16

United States

Sugar consumption is a huge factor in the nation’s struggle with obesity, as many kids eat soda, snack foods and other foods with hidden added sugars on a daily basis. In fact, 74 % of Latinos have had a sugary drink by age 2 and about 22% of Latino high-school students have 3 or more … Read more

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SA! Resource Chile uses Stop Signs on Unhealthy Snack Foods & Beverages

These tasty cookies are a triple-label threat: They're high in sugar, saturated fats and calories. (Eileen Smith/ NPR News)

A new black stop sign label is being placed on packaged foods to help Chileans understand how much sugar, salt, fat, and calories are in their favorite foods. The increase of packaged food consumption has risen across all populations in Chile, states the local article, showing how Chile is now the world’s largest per-capita consumer … Read more

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SA! Resource Policy Brief: 4 Strategies for Creating Healthy, Equitable Land Use in Los Angeles

land use

All neighborhoods are not created equal. Your city’s land use policies determine your access to public goods and resources like transit options, employment opportunities, healthy food, walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, quality schools, parks and green space, and much more. Thus, your city’s land use policies shape your health. Read about nationwide disparities in active zoning and … Read more

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SA! Resource Missed the Colorado Health Symposium ? See Livestream on YouTube

Screen shot of presenters at the Colorado Health Symposium 2016. (Photo source:

Did you miss the Colorado Health Symposium, “Health is Everyone’s Business” event? Not to worry, archived Live Stream video is available for those interested in seeing the conference’s speakers talk on various topics including reducing health disparities in Colorado, working in and with Latino communities, finding public health solutions, and more. To learn more and view the … Read more

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SA! Change Gardopia Grows Hope & Fresh Foods in San Antonio


San Antonio, Texas

Back in 2011, Stephen Lucke was a student at University of Incarnate Word (UIW) when his idea of Gardopia started to grow. “I was studying biochemistry and I took a nutrition class, and I just really became educated about the obesity epidemic in the United States, ” said Lucke, “You know San Antonio was the most … Read more

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SA! Change Dannon Products to Remove Some Added Sugars

Dannon yogurt will now decreasing sugar in it's products due to consumer demands for healthier products. (Copyright Reuters 2016)

United States

Consumers are looking more for food options low in sugar as they become more aware of added sugars by reading the new nutrition labels. According to Euromonitor Ltd., yogurt sales have more than doubled since 2001. However, many yogurts contain up to 20 or more grams of added sugars. Now with rising demand for products … Read more

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SA! Change Friends and Fresh Veggies Grow Together in Backyard Gardens

Adobe volunteers help the Green Urban Lunch Box pick apricots and cherries as part of the fruitshare program. (Photo source: The Green Urban Lunch Box Facebook page.)

Holladay, Utah

From the start of one senior citizen’s small backyard garden in Holladay, Utah, to now a flourishing program of over 28 gardens throughout Salt Lake City area, Green Urban Lunch Box helps senior citizens use their back yards to grow fresh vegetables for their community. It all started when Katie Nelson, the nonprofit’s Back-Farms program coordinator … Read more

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SA! Resource Gardening Helps Mental and Physical Health


Growing your own food has grown in popularity over the last few years, according to the National Gardening Association who reveal in 2013 over 40 million households are active in some type of urban food gardening. Gardens help the mind and the heart with encouraging light-to- moderate physical activity with digging, planting, pulling and more. The mind can … Read more

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SA! Change Healthier Vending for Fayetteville


Fayetteville, Arkansas

A new city ordinance for healthier vending machines was approved by the Fayetteville mayor, requiring all city vending machines to comply with nutrition standards and label calories. The calorie content will be displayed on all products in vending machines across all buildings and property owned or operated by the city. According to Voices for Healthy … Read more

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