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In many Latino neighborhoods, fast food and corner stores often outnumber and are used more than supermarkets and farmers’ markets, resulting in inadequate consumption of healthy foods and overconsumption of unhealthy foods—part of the reason Latino kids are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers.

How can healthy foods and drinks be the available, affordable, and desired choice?

Healthy food financing initiatives can boost access to healthy, affordable foods by offering supermarkets and farmers’ markets certain incentives to locate in underserved areas.

Government financing initiatives also encourage existing corner stores to expand their inventory of healthy, affordable foods. Separate programs use food vouchers by low-income consumers shopping at farmers’ markets.

Also, more marketing of healthy foods, and less of junk foods, can help spur desirability.

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Better Food in Neighborhoods: What‘s New?

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SA! Resource New Study: Gardening Contributes to Fighting Climate Change

Father And Son Working On Allotment Together

Do you have a home or small urban garden? Compost pile? According to a new study, you may be helping the environment and reducing climate change. Researchers from the University of California at Santa Barbara studied how well-tended gardens for every family home in California may help increase the chance of the state reaching its … Read more

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SA! Change Stores Listen to Latino Customers And Add Healthier Snacks to Check-outs

A man enters the check out line at the Cardenas Market in Riverside on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Cardenas plans to stock healthier snacks and drinks in its checkout aisles. (Photo source: The Press Enterprise)


Cardenas, an Ontario-based grocery chain in Riverside County (47.9% Latino) that markets it’s products to Latino shoppers, are now changing their store’s checkouts, offering healthier snacks after listening to shoppers like Alejandra Padilla. Why? Padilla, a Latina mom of three, wants the checkouts to be filled with healthy convenient options like apple slices, nuts, trail … Read more

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SA! Change Miami-Dade County Recognized In Building A Culture of Health!

A woman and child read together at the Connect Familias center in Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. (Photo Source: RWJF,

Miami-Dade County, Florida

Miami-Dade (66.8% Latino) has a culturally diverse population of over 2.7 million people, but nearly one in three children are living in poverty and in turn dealing with higher health disparities. In fact, various studies, including one from Havard T.H. Chan, has shown that income level and where you live can impact the health and diet of families. … Read more

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SA! Resource AHA Calls Out for Texas Kid’s Health

Photo of group of health advocates standing on the capitol steps. ( Photo source: AHA)

According to the newly released State of Obesity report, Texas it the 10th most obese state in the country. Now the American Heart Association along with many other organizations are asking parents, teachers, and health advocates to step up for kids health and take action. AHA is asking anyone who is interested in supporting kids in … Read more

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SA! Change Students Use Healthy Marketing To Help Decrease Diabetes Rates


Thousand Oaks, California

Healthy marketing can help people purchase more produce, shows a recent study, but it also can help people who speak different languages see the healthier choices in stores. Two years ago, working in various neighborhoods in California, including Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park, Latino teens also saw the difference healthier marketing can … Read more

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SA! Change Community Gardens Grow for Health

The Manzanita Street Community Garden in Los Angeles, CA. Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council. (Photo Source:

Los Angeles, California

What can community gardens bring? Not only can community gardens help people grow healthy food, it can also build and connect a community. In Los Angeles, Calif. (48.4% Latino) the Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC) is helping to manage over 40 community gardens for local communities. Julie Beals, the executive director of LACGC explained … Read more

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SA! Change Food Bank Helps Feed Famers & Community

Families coming to receive the free fresh produce from the mobile food market. (Photo Source: Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine website)


How can food banks work with local farmers and provide sustainability for local farms and people in need of fresh healthy foods? Partnering with local farmers, Mainers Feeding Mainers program, part of the Good Shepard Food Bank of Maine (17.6 % Latino) has started an innovative way to capture and provide fresh foods to over … Read more

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SA! Change Indoor Farms Support Healthy Fresh Food Access for Detroit

Green Collar Foods Operations Director Darren Riley explains the process called aeroponics that mists the bare roots of plants like this kale that grow under fluorescent lights on shelves at the indoor farm. Neighboring Supino Pizzeria buys the company’s kale.  (Photo: Brandy Baker, The Detroit News)

Detroit, Michigan

According to Michigan State University, in Detroit, Michigan, up to 52% of Latino children live in poverty, and where there is poverty, many times there is little to no access to fresh vegetables or healthy foods. But new considerations for the state’s urban agricultural laws may help provide new small business opportunities for indoor and … Read more

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SA! Resource Fact Sheet: Safe Routes to Healthy Food

Safe routes to healthy food

Everyone needs a safe and reliable way to get to the place where they obtain foods – ideally healthy foods. However, transportation is a major barrier to accessing healthy food, particularly for Latinos. Read about how traffic safety in the U.S. lags far behind other countries here. The Safe Routes to School National Partnership created … Read more

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Salud Hero Local RDN’s Promote Nutrition Through Popular Magazine

Maria Silva speaks with Director of Family Wellness Program, Yolanda Konopken. (Photo: Salud America)

Phoenix, Arizona

Many people have a favorite magazine that they enjoy reading, whether it is the latest celebrity news, world affairs, or sports stories; but what if there was a magazine that also offered nutritional advice, supplied healthy recipes, and disseminated the latest health information all in a way you could understand? That’s exactly what registered dietitians … Read more

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SA! Resource Looking for Healthy Snacks? Watch Out For Look-Alike Smart Snacks!

The study asks parents and kids if they can tell the difference between smart snacks packaging and regular packaging of foods. (Photo: UConn Rudd Center)

The UConn Rudd Center just released a study today in the Journal of Obesity, looking at how healthier snacks that are “smart-snack” approved, can change the attitude about the food brand and confuse parents and children when shopping for healthier snack options. The study examines how parents and children rated look-alike snacks in taste, healthfulness, … Read more

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SA! Change Changing Abandoned Buildings to Fresh Food Farms

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, center at podium, addresses a gathering at AeroFarms, a vertical farming operation in Newark, N.J.  (Mel Evans / AP)

Newark, New Jersey

Would the millions of children suffering from hunger and food insecurity in the United States be healthier, and have homes full of fresh produce if we started re-designing old abandoned buildings to new-tech farms? AeroFarms, co-founded by Marc Oshima and David Rosenberg, vertical farm entrepreneurs, hope to build a way to bring more farm fresh produce … Read more

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