How can you fight Latino childhood obesity in your area?

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Obesity threatens the health of Latino kids.

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Campbell’s Soup Gets A Fresh Look

As many consumers reach for whole foods and fresher ingredients, large companies like Campbell’s are noticing. To achieve a continued image of “healthy” options, Campbell soups is taking a new approach to their food offerings. Not only will the usually packaged soups in cans be packaged in clear plastic bowls, for veggies and chunks of chicken to … Read more

No Coke Monster (small)
Coca-Cola Buys Monster Shares

Announced in recent news, Coca-Cola has bought 17 shares of Monster in order to expand and increase sales for both companies. Although sugary drinks like soda are on decline, sugary energy drink sales are on the rise. Both companies have been criticized for marketing to youth, especially youth of color. Sugary drinks including energy drinks … Read more

South Dakota Work Well
Grants for Environmental and Policy Changes to Improve Employee Wellness

The South Dakota Department of Health is now offering 10 $2,000 state grants for businesses interested in improving their employee’s health, through the Steps to Wellness initiative. The South Dakota Department of Health began focusing on workplace wellness in 2013.  They developed a toolkit to encourage healthy employee habits and they provided training and summits. … Read more

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