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Youth & Healthy Food Advocates Fight Proposed Taco Bell in Latino Community

Latinos make up the majority of residents in Watsonville, California—around 80%. Although many people in the city struggle with obesity (Watsonville’s childhood obesity rate is 49%), local youth have been working to make amazing, healthy changes. Jóvenes SANOS, a youth advocacy and leadership group in Watsonville, has worked hard to encourage healthy dining options, help a … Read more

More Summer Meals Coming to Kids in Arizona

For many kids across the country, food provided at school might be the only balanced meals they eat in a week. When school’s out, these kids are left without guaranteed healthy meals. In Kingman, Arizona, where Latinos make up about 13% of the population, more kids will be getting meals this summer, thanks to the … Read more

DENVER, CO. OCTOBER 9: Gem Food Mart is part of a pilot program to increase healthy food in neighborhood stores. Owner Abdul Hakim was at the front counter of the store, 2952 Downing Street in Denver,   on Friday, October 10,  2014.   (Denver Post Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon)
Lakewood Surveys Residents About Healthy Food Access

For many folks living in Lakewood, Colorado, a small city near Denver, a quick trip to the grocery store to buy fresh, healthy produce just isn’t a reality. Between West 17th and West Arkansas avenues, a 31 block stretch, families in this area are forced to buy groceries at the dollar store—a large grocery store … Read more

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