Racial Justice Journey Library

The Racial Justice Journey Library is based on the curriculum of the WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community, and is brought to you in partnership with Well-being and Equity in the World (WE in the World) and the Well Being In the Nation Network (WIN Network).

Racism is diffused and infused in all aspects of society, including our history, culture, politics, and economics, and it corrupts our entire social fabric. To improve intergenerational well-being and equity in our communities, we must first acknowledge our legacy of racism and understand the role that interpersonal, institutional, and structural racism play in creating avoidable disparities. The Racial Justice Journey Library is a place to start.

The Racial Justice Journey Library compiles resources and tools for people, communities, and organizations to learn, reflect, and take action to address racism in their work and lives. The resources offered here can help you:

  • Transform from within by helping us understand our own experiences in the context of legacies of racism and inequity, reflect on our identities, and move toward growth and healing;
  • Transform together by building relationships and dialogue within and beyond our communities, centering people closest to the problems, and changing the way we act together;
  • Transform for outcomes by strategizing for equitable improvement, set common goals for acting together and measure what matters; and
  • Transform policies and systems by changing culture, policies, and investments to create a more just and equitable system.

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Data bank/repository

Screenshot of College Health Topics
College Health Topics (A-Z)
Resource - Data Bank/repository

Data/mapping tool

Screen grab of See Say 2018 : Reported Voting Issues
See Say 2018 : Reported Voting Issues
Tool - Data/mapping Tool


Topic - Quality of Life

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Reproductive Justice
Topic - Quality Of Life





Well-Being in the Nation (WIN) Measures
Resource - Website/webpage
Individual Transformation
Individual Transformation
Resource - Website/webpage
Screen capture of Black Wealth Data Center
Black Wealth Data Center
Resource - Website/webpage
Screenshot of Black Lives Matter Global Network
Black Lives Matter Global Network Resources
Resource - Website/webpage