Lifting up Stories of Community Change on Community Commons

Community Commons is dedicated to lifting up community voices. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire dialogue about what’s possible, as well as stewardship that transforms communities for health, sustainability, and equity. We believe that the most innovative, sustainable strategies are shared and inspired by those working on the ground. By sharing stories, we can learn from each other and spread real change for the greater good.

Storytelling as a Catalyst for Community Transformation

Community Commons has long been home to stories of community change, and has worked with contributing writers to publish their stories. Now, through partnership with 100 Million Healthier Lives (100MLives), we are bringing you new stories of community transformation and bright spots.

Sharing Your Community Transformation Stories and Bright Spots

Community Commons publishes original written, video and audio content that describes the journey of a person, organization, coalition, or community, and illuminates hope work. Stories can be of personal or systems transformation; offer insight into the journey to health, well-being, and equity; or recount a “fail forward” moment—one where a mistake or failure led to significant growth and learning. These stories of community transformation are meant to spark dialogue and inspire “what could be.”

We also publish information about specific practices, policies, and programs that have demonstrated significant, meaningful, measurable improvement. They may be early successes related to something that has worked well in your community or organization. These “bright spots” serve as a model for tangible actions that can be taken now.

Use the embedded form below to share your story of working together for the common good. See our Community Commons Contributing Writer Guidelines to learn more.

Add Media to Your Story

After completing the above form, click here to add media to your story, including images and graphics, video and data visualizations (Google account required). If you do not have a Google account or have other questions regarding this form, please email [email protected].

Photo of colorful umbrellas hanging above a city street. Photo by Darya Tryfanava on Unsplash
WIN Community Pacesetter Stories: The Collection
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100 Million Healthier Lives Change Library on Community Commons
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Published on 05/13/2020