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Contributing Writer: Anisa Ahmed

Anisa has been a Contributing Writer for Community Commons since 2022. She currently serves as the Curation Intern, where she spends most of her time supporting the database that powers Community Commons through the IP3 InfoHub team. Anisa is most passionate about advancing health equity and effective health promotion through health communication. She is strongly committed to addressing language access barriers in Public Health education to empower underserved communities like those in which she grew up.  

Anisa is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health-Global Health from the University of Washington.

In her spare time, Anisa enjoys spending time with friends and family and scrapbooking.

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A photo of a group of college students. A golden banner across the top of the photo reads
College Students
Topic - People
A photo of two people working in a community service center. An orange banner spans the top of the image and reads
Community Development
Topic - Quality Of Life
Photo of of a magnifying glass examining various stick figures. A green banner spans the top of the photo and contains white text that reads
Demographic Data
Topic - Possibilities